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What are you seeing right now?


“Oh la la. J´adore l´araignées!”

That sounds like an apt analogy to american politics where you have to let a bill you absolutly hate go into legislation to get one through you really want to, only because they seem to randomly pair them together.



Yeah, like ‘taking the rough with the smooth’.


Baby Nessie!


Aw! Why does he have holes on his back? Is he an air freshener?


Lol no, (s)he’s a tea infuser.


Haha, ohh! It looked much bigger than that.


The tea I’m using (or the backup, anyway):




Ooh nice. I haven’t had Earl Grey in a while, though I am trying to cut down on caffeine. Why is it a backup?


Spare, backup, whatever word you want to use. Here’s the open package.


never eating Philidelphia again without thinking about this.
It has the same consistency so why not? :man_shrugging:

OTOH, I have seen stuff like charcoal ice and other unhealthy things so :cat: :man_shrugging:


That reminds me, I actually had some cheese with charcoal in the fridge:

The one side is morning milk, the other side evening milk, separated by a layer of charcoal.


Sorry :grin:

That’s an interesting way to justify it…



Baby Nessie in my little teacup:

Tremors DVD for size reference:


Little? :slight_smile:


Ohh yeah, that makes it easier to gauge. Unless everything else you own is massive.


Relative to how big a mess that place is, it is a pretty massive…
so that’s that for scale…



:neutral_face:@Frenzie dude, he just called you messy


I don’t know if I am but I reckon my desk is. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don´t think I have seen King Crimson talked about that much in a show with that many viewers since ever.

How about you, @yrface?