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What are you seeing right now?


That sounds like an odd mixture of Spider-Man and the movie Léolo…

I like it!


Where are you?


The horror…


Why “Roulette”? Because of “Russian roulette” (one poisoned crisp in each package)?


Yes and more than one!


I’m on the Italian Alps, I went on a glacier with a friend who wanted to try summer ski.


Isn’t this summer ski?


GR8! Enjoy!


That’s how I imagined it as a kid, actually :blush:

And this is how I imagined it as teen:

… the right half of the photo is much more close to the reality than the left side :sweat_smile:

The strange thing is… since you need a slope to have grass ski, you need a mountain. Since our mountains in winter are always covered with snow, that grass ski thing necessarily is a summer sport. Anyway it is officially included among Winter Sports, at least here in Italy…:thinking:


Are you reliving some stuff?


It’s just hot. Supposedly.


Just looking at it makes my eyes vomit salty water.


I’ve just spent way too long trying to imagine what that looks like.


Why would you do that for something that was nothing more but a picturesque expression for a very normal thing?!

But go ahead and make me cry. I dare you!


Oh I see… I think I got stuck on the ‘vomit’ part of your weird metaphor :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to try, but don’t think I could make you cry from this far away.


Me using weird metaphors? What am I? The carpet of the emperor of Kiribati?

It´s comforting to see you obviously completly rule out emotional means and go straight to physical pain (like plucking out beard hair in my sleep) instead.


Yeah… That, and I wouldn’t be able to watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hah! Is that all it would take?


I would probably just scream and then slap you and then feel bad about what I did.
And then I would cry about that. :cry:


Haha :smile: so we’d both end up crying, no doubt. Maybe I’ll just stay here!


This is certainly the best for everyone involved. The way it is now certainly has helped me to cry less than like a year ago.

Sorry, I think I have got the wrong record on, didn´t mean to suddenly slip into serious.

Nothing to see here folks! :policeman: