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What are you seeing right now?




Is the one on the last picture squinting?


It is and it´s the same one in all the pictures.


Aww :heart_eyes: where was that?

That dumbfounded one is too cute.


That was at the Zoo in Straubing, Lower Bavaria where I was born 25 years before that picture was taken (I was there on my birthday).

At first I wasn´t sure which picture to select but then noticed that it had to be all three of them since they kind of seem to tell a story in that sequence. :slight_smile:


At first I read that as you being born in the zoo :laughing:

I like these ones for that reason :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe I was, I can’t remember tbh. :man_shrugging: :wink:


That would be a great opening to a novel.

I’m Milan, and I was born in a zoo.


Wanna share royalities? :laughing:


I beg your- oh right, yeah sure :laughing:


So what were you thinking there?


Um. Royal teas, obviously. I never share those with anybody.


Your royal undies wouldn´t be royal anymore if I wore them.


I’m a bit unclear about how we got on to you wearing my underwear, but yes I suspect not :smile:


Somehow it always comes down to underwear, I really don´t know why.





That one really came out a lot better than expected! :rofl:


I think it’s the proportions that tickle me :smile:


I used to be a spy.

It all started when my mother, a Pripyat native living in southern Germany, was bitten by a radioactive spider that hopped on a flight from Hiroshima. Little did she know that it wasn’t just any bite, but a male spider depositing sperm. A few months later, when my mother was visiting the zoo, I was unexpectedly born.

Understandably upset with my somewhat spidery features, which have grown less with age, after some shuffling around I was raised in a Spanish Catholic orphanage.