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What are you seeing right now?


Not exactly.


Oh, come on, Someone! That’s the rip-off: The Mistery of Ape Isle™!


Thanks for the quote! :blush:

I was thinking something like “1701: a Caribbean Odissey”




Amazing technology! I want it now! :star_struck:


Does it work with tubes? Otherwise it won’t have any future.


Don’t know. You should call the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company via DDD and ask them.


I went to South Carolina and found Herman Toothrot’s arsenal:
…but I did not bring a helmet.


Ah… home :heart:


Not technically “right now” but close enough. (Partial pic dump incoming.)


Nice! My favourite is the mandrill in the shirt and tie.
And oh look, @Sushi’s in one of them too!


There’s also a pelican that’s starting to pixelate. :wink:


I actually am! This is under the A12/Boomse steenweg in Wilrijk


:joy: :rofl:



Instead of one cuckoo, they should have people popping out from the windows, as if they’re performing a musical number!


Do you think one could make money with this… :thinking:


While sunbathing and listening to the soccer match…


Just got back from Cutchogue, NY
It was so nice to be out of the city for a little while…


There is a baby squirrel that’s kind if hard to see…

Apparently this guy spent some vacation time here. The locals have stories about having to go bail him out after his attempts at sailing.

And this guy was there too:


Have you been to Mamaroneck before? That also looks like a nice little coastal area place.