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What are you seeing right now?


I wonder if they still use 16MM film reels, Overheadprojectors and Photocopied work papers at my old school like they did in my days…I bet they do. But to be fair they probably upgraded to Windows 98 by now and don´t throw students out of the school who use the internet (instead of…you know, using a school network or any other sensible thing).


My friends got thrashed by my teacher for watching Cricket on the Internet during the period…LOL


And tiny TVs on trolleys…



Yep, we had those, too. But ours were in cupboards with wheels.



Me 3 years ago!


Yes, they do! At least in Germany. Well, I’m not sure about the 16MM films, but every thing else you mentioned is still in use.

We had one single room with computers - Commodore PC10-III with monochrome displays, MS-DOS 3.3, and no harddrive:

The room had big steel door. I still don’t know why: The hardware was totally outdated (even at that time), slow and as heavy as a compact car. No one with a clear mind would steal these things.

The funny thing was, that we kids taught our teachers how to use them. Ah. Good old times… :slight_smile:


Linux updates aren’t just when I want them (as opposed to when I’m shutting down my laptop because the battery is almost dead or something stupid like that) but they also only take a fraction of the time. Maybe Windows is like Gentoo, compiling it all from scratch constantly? :stuck_out_tongue:


Except Fedora …


You can’t just dismiss the notification until you want to install them? I forget, what’s the follow-up to yum called? zypper? I don’t use Fedora. :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, I can’t say :slight_smile: No programmer here, just a curious user (and responsible for PCs of my father and girlfriend, and mine obviously). Having learned some basic computer knowledge makes me a sort of help for them (I don’t like that much anyway).
I just think it’s a bad design to force a machine held by a person to auto-set to upgrade. You start your machine in the morning 'cause you need to print that file but, wait… 1 hour upgrade. And now? Is that a machine supposed to help people?
And all of this considering that most of those upgrades are unuseful. I continued to work on an ald laptop with WinXp for years after 2014. Nothing happened. I mean: have a good antivirus, and go on. I use a laptop with WIndows 7 and it goes great. I also have a user (non administrator) for most of the tasks. I don’t do an upgrade since months (because administrator password is needed). One time in a couple of months, I take a look in the admin account, maybe clean something, install or unistall some program, and do updates (only the important ones). You know what? It works brilliant. Windows 7 is so great in comparison.


Fedora uses a system similar to Windows. It’s far from being that annoying and slow, but Fedora installs the Updates during the shutdown and/or restart automatically.


It’d work on my current laptop because it doesn’t get that hot in the first place (plus thermal throttling etc; completely passive) but OMFG in the past I’ve wanted to beat up Windows so bad for keeping the laptop on at high heat when I put it in my freaking bag.

Is it that weird to turn it off occasionally? >_>


I don’t know, once they said something about that in a videogame…


I don’t recall that from MI2? Been a while since I played it I suppose.


Same here. They tried to teach us Pascal, but they were hardly able to turn on the machines.
I feel better learning that outside Italy it was the same.


At least they tried to teach you a real programmng language.

Have you ever heard of

Can you wonder what kind of drawings we used to draw while teacher was away?


Of course! :slight_smile:

Yeeeeees. :wink:


Mhmmm… I’m afraid not.


One of the last sunsets in my old home, some stuff ready for my moving, and a recent movie on TV…


“The Secret of Monkey Island: The movie”?