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What are you seeing right now?


Isn’t it very hot in that “suit”?


sports day in my school.


And this…


When will we get more info about Ron’s BR? (Battle Royale)


Playing …


Are you playing it on a system where you still get updates? I don´t remember seeing this car before.


Which sport(s) did you play there?

I would like to know that too! :slight_smile:


He is busy playing Octopath.


Well I did nothing except Marchpast… while a few had races and relays…


No, I can’t get updates. It’s GTA V, I’ve found that car alone. And immediately stolen borrowed.


Woke up in a bad mood this morning. Then I saw this silly song in my YouTube subscriptions list and it cheered me right up. Thought you might like this @TaarakVakil :grin:


Thanks for the song… Helped me brave my Chemistry Exam… LOL.


Talking about Fortinite, today I’ve read the news that it will be released for Android, soon!


It’s in Beta and supports Galaxy devices currently… Soon all others will get invite…


I’m actually seeing a documentary film about Hitler’s rise. I’m stunned by the fact that Henry Ford was a fierce antisemite that strongly supported Hitler both economically and politically with a ton of dollars. And he wasn’t the only one in the western world.

I will never see the Ford inscription on my car with the same eyes. :nauseated_face:
In my opinion, such a company should have been discontinued after the end of world war two. Yes, as if human beings were coherent. Anyway that’s a great documentary, when a evil fool takes the power, he is not by far the only responsible…


I have this book:


Could you please tell the name of the documentary?


Apocalypse: Hitler

directed by Isabelle Klarke and Danielle Costelle

two episodes originally aired on TV channel France 2 in 2011
(to be honest they were particularly mindful also about french responsibilities in the matter)


Went to a wildlife park today and saw the cutest little meerkats. Just look at this lil dude.


hakuna matata