What could be a new adventure game from Ron Gilbert?

You don’t go to jail for this, it’s a civil matter, not criminal matter. What they do is sue you into bankruptcy and I’d end of living in the streets, stealing food, and then I’d go to jail.


Seems fine to me, if I get MI3a.

Don´t forget we´re talking about someone who integrated breaking out of cells strategies (loose bricks, wooden planks) in his games for decades!

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Haha…please, let Ron and his team finish at least another 3 games, so while they are spending time in jail, it keep us busy.

Now there is a risky solution like: Ron can make a concept / demo of his new Monkey Island game and starts bother a few people at Disney. It might pass through by time…and I believe he will pass thanks to his good reputation.

I have no interest in Licensing MI from Disney, I want to buy it. It’s the only way I’ll make another game. Now, before you say “do a Kickstarter”, money is not the problem. It’s getting Disney to sell it is, and they don’t like to sell IPs.

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Have you tried to approach them already? Any respond?

What about if they give you a great deal? like 100% control over the project and they will agree with all your conditions?

What I would love, is very unspecific. There are few “tags” that I could throw in, that I find very fascinating. Don’t just clump these all together, because that would suck or take Albert Einstein to make sense of. :wink:

I love road movies so, sure I’d like an adventure like that, but it would probably require too many rooms.

I much prefer scenarios from a time where technology wasn’t a common every day commodity.

I also much prefer comedy from situations rather than goofy style and overall tone.

And the sense of fighting something dark and sinister. Something that might be watching on. LeChuck was awesome.

Characters that work well together and bounce off each other. Characters who can play it cool.

But also characters who are a absolute anti heroes.

A sense of adventure that comes with the great unknowns. And doing things you normally wouldn’t. Situation: not normal.

Normality and serenity in some places. The peaceful beaches of Monkey Island? Loved it. Watershore of The Dig? Could stand there for ages.

This is a fairly pointless of aspects I love in these games, I know. And I haven’t even put in the other obvious ones, like characters that move a lot (off screen) and might even bump into you, surprise you, like in Maniac Mansion. Generally, large buildings with unique rooms? And all that.

Maybe later I’ll have more real ideas, sorry about this.

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Some years ago, I watched a movie: “Saving mr. Banks”. It’s the real story about the Walt Disney efforts in order to get the IP from lady P. L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins.
Walt Disney took twenty years. During that time, he tried everything (always with respect). But in the end, when the lady saw the really good intentions of Walt (and maybe because of exhaustion), she signed the contract and sold the IP to Walt.

Of course, you don’t own an amusement park (as far as I know!), you are not rich like him at that time, but it’s not a matter of money.

Ron, you are a good person, many people love you, you really know how to make people happy.
Paradoxically, you are now like that “Walt Disney”, and Disney is like that lady.

Don’t surrender, try again. Try to get in touch with Disney. Show him/them your big karma! Put it on a sentimental side…

(I’m too simplistic, you say? Maybe. But you have nothing to lose, isn’t it?)

Play for full effect while reading the above:


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Don’t expect me to ever answer this question… many people ask. It would not be in my negotiating best interest to say anything about any negotiations, or even if we’re having them. This isn’t to say we are, but I will never confirm or deny them.


I’d love to see more Monkey Island, but not in detriment of the creator! Hopefully this will happen at some point. (the game, not the detriment)

Something tells me that Ron is harassing the Walt Disney CEO night and day…

calling from dark alleys, trying to sell him fine treasure maps, things like that.


Moaning and wailing like an obscene caller?


If politicians or companies says this, they have negotiations … :slight_smile:


Maybe you choose hero or villain at the start and play the whole game in this role!?

After finishing this playthrough you can choose the other side and experience the other perspective. :slight_smile:

So you get two games for the price of one! :sunglasses: (Of course each perspective could be shorter than a regular game to limit the development effort.)

Terrible Toybox invents the new Two Player Point and Click Adventures™ (TPPnCA™), where one player plays one side, while the other one plays the other side! :slight_smile:
(There might be restrictions necessary like: Both players can only play one chapter on their own at a session before the game has to sync, so in the next chapter the players can experience what the other player did.)

Hehe, 2 player PNC would be interesting indeed, imagine if we had played good cop, bad cop with Willie as 2 players… :slight_smile: But I think there would be an even smaller numbers of buyers for such a game perhaps, unless it could be played as single-player also.

If he had the license: Loom remake + sequel. Maniac Mansion remake. Cult classics like The Goonies or The Lost Boys with same interface as TWP.

But beside from dreaming of that, if he makes anything similar to TWP type PNC I will back that, sadly I was too late to find out, otherwise I would have backed TWP.

and they could hire Leeroy Jenkins as testimonial.

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Oh, was not aware of those 2 games, interesting, thank you very much.

Actually the reason I mentioned it is cause I think I heard Ron Gilbert say in an interview that he would perhaps like to make a remake of MM if he had the license. Which would be awesome.