What is the funniest sentence in the game?

In your opinion: What is the funniest sentence in the game? :slight_smile:

“Created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick”


I like that one. To me that´s the “Stan Lee and Jack Kirby” of video games! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think of it more along the lines of “Gilligan and the Skipper.” Not saying who’s who.


Oh, but I think I know. Not saying either, though.

There are a couple of times where I laughed out loud.

But I suppose the best one is “Oh, let’s get the *beeping* clown to climb the ladder.


Same here!
The comic timing of this and next sentences and the pauses in between was wonderful! Any shorter ladder simply wouldn’t have cut it.

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“How may I be-a-boo of service?” said by the hotel manager.
I’ve heard that so many times that it’s stuck in my mind and makes me laugh every time!


After the bank manager objects to Reyes trying to take something from his desk:

“I’m a federal agent, and I need a paperweight!”


“G’bye! Have a nice evening-a-boo.”


“The signals are very strong tonight” is my favourite line in the game.


That did make me laugh at the beginning, when the pigeon sisters would say it after every response. Even after a long fourth-wall break about the mechanics of adventure games.

Yes that the first of way too many occurences of fourth-wall breaking. That one was enough. I wish there had been less fourth-wall breaking and more lines like that of the pigeons!

It’s really an awesome line. Absurdist and deliciously promising. It really enthralled me from the start and I really wanted to keep on playing after that conversation with the Pigeons.


Same here! :slight_smile:

Yeah, sometimes it got on my nerves a bit. I can’t remember any specific examples.

But I did like the one where you first meet the Sheriff, and he says “this cutscene is already getting way too long”. Because he didn’t even try to make it subtle :joy:

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That one is my favorite too. :grin:

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Yay, I’m glad! I thought it was a bit of an obscure one.

No! :slight_smile:

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Now I worry there’s supposed to be a joke in the game I didn’t get.

It is a bit like Woody Allen´s Stardust Memories: “I’m a psychoanalyst. This is my pipe.”