What is this thing in this Thimbleweed Park room?

I’m sure that it has already been discussed, but my memory is fading.

It’s a sign above the computer, but what’s written on it?

The one in the red box:


Are these runes or something?

Assuming that the following table shows the same rune alphabet (there are many alphabets)…

…I would say that the first two characters are a “S”.

Looks to me like it could say MMF-1, which I assume would refer to MMucas Flem.

Oh, right. I don’t recognize the first two letters as a “M” but “MMF” is the most probable answer.

Yes that´s two “S” an “A” or “AE” and something that looks like and inverted “L”

No no no, you´re doing it all wrong! This is a game that is highly associated with 1980s culture, this clearly means you are SUPPOSED to see occult things in everything even if they´re clearly not there, take a lesson from Rev. Phil Phillps!

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Just to make you happy, I’ll tell you that those are actually runes and they should be read “SSW”, which of course is not an acronym but the series of directions (South-South-West) that you have to follow in the textual adventure game of the factory computer to reach a hidden location.

Damnit, I was about to guess “Social Sausage Warrior”.

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What makes you think MMF isn’t an occult reference? After all, they’re responsible for all those murder simulations, which undoubtedly are chock-full of ritualistic killings. As further proof, take note than there is in fact an occult ritual in the game that involves a MMucasFlem employee and her dead father. :astonished:

Yes, there is a pentagram, an occult bookstore, references to Dungeons & Dragons, a record that gets played over and over you know like in some sort of ritual…we really need to re-evaulate this game through the satanic panic lense.

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