What the *beep*?! *Unbeeped* DLC is available now!

Exclusively on Steam and GOG:





What?!? The first words you learn in a new language as a kid are swear words… :wink:

Here’s the trailer! It’s so satisfying to watch. :laughing:


In fucking celebration of this fucking greatness I will stop fucking self cencoring myself and speak the way I fucking want! :ransome:

Seriously am I the only one who finds this much much funnier than the self censored version? :joy:


Oh, my!!! :slight_smile: It is real!

beeping brilliant. Also one of the best movies EVER made.

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I’m dying, this is so funny, I’m DYING, the delivery is just so perfect, I want to make a little bed for this DLC and tuck it into bed at night

It seems the DLC price has dropped from 1.99 to 0.79, think permanently because it’s also 0.79 on Steam, while there is currently no sale there - unlike as on GOG.
So for all you *beep*ing cheap-ass misers and procrastinators, now’s the time to get it.
That includes me :slight_smile:

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I paid the full two bucks. But I paid the €15 sale price for Thimbleweed Park itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I paid full price for the game on day 1, then again $40 for the collector’s edition box, $20 for a Tshirt, $45 for the artbook, so I don’t feel too bad about saving $1.20 now.