What would you put in Room 101?

Yes, it was “picking both noseholes at once” :rofl:

I think it is steam coming out of its nose as of your holding in some anger… so if you used it for that and then they change it in 6 months to a moji that holds up a trophy because that’s the new “triumph”…

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I thought that was a life ring at first glance!

I’m thinking a lot of the ambiguity comes from designing them close up and then losing the detail when they’re smaller.

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However, those seem to be left-handed.

That would be quite useful, actually. So far we have had to use two


or something like that.

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I’m sorry I must use your own words, mate, but…
…they bloody don’t!


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Are you seeing the same doors that I see?

I would open that door with my right hand, and a flipped version of that door with my left hand!
(Just tested this on a door in real life.)


I was literally looking at doors when I wrote that, and you´re right.

But this seems to be a push handle, which is why I assumed you would use with the hand closer to it.

I´m still a bit tired. :dizzy_face:

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I can literally see you doing that! :smile:

open. Close. Open, close. Open-close. Open… close.

“Erhm, Katie… what are you doing with that door?”

“Nothin’ uh… just checkin’…”


“It´s something to do with that weird german again, isn´t it?”


Agreed on the right-handed doors. Where’s the left option? If Discourse was a real place I’d kick each door down to open it, in protest.

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But you would do that anyway. And so would I.

I´d flip it for you again, but I´m tired now. I mean, look at me!


Talking of which, I saw this the other day and it made me laugh.

Sorry, bad case of off-topicitis today.


Testing what it sounds like as a musical instrument, of course.


Haha, so I did it better than I thought! Tbh I didn´t really want to use it for long since I kind of feared it seemed like I was mocking him, but since he isn´t really there anymore, I guess it´s okay now.

It’s just a nice dedication :wink:


You are just glad I haven´t got anything mockable from you.

Now, where is my wig…

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I thought the same. :slight_smile:

But if you look at the big version …

… you can see the exploding brain.


He should do it like Peter Jackson and put a belt around it. Problem Fixed!


Academy Award Winner Peter Jackson, everybody! :star:

btw: This Discourse forum is using the emojis from Twitter. One (but not we) can switch to different other emoji sets. The set from Apple for example provides the “left handed” door and the emoji set from Facebook Messenger has an open door:



Facebook Messenger:

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:door: image :microbe:



:mushroom: :tropical_drink:

:broccoli: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:

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