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What would you put in Room 101?


Also in the matter of online shopping, I really like these things that I randomly came across in the Netherlands:

They don’t seem to sell 'em around here, and online only in packs of 18… now one a month doesn’t seem excessive in principle, but I’m still on the fence.


Several TV documentaries.

Amazon had thrown away a lot of products (but stopped that after it was made public), other shops are selling the used stuff to traders. The latter ones are exporting the products to other countries (in Africa for example).


:door: no coverage in the bathroom

Edit: that could be read the wrong way…


Before I clicked the spoiler I was gonna write that I´ll be sending an anchorman to report! :joy:


:joy: I should’ve left it for the joke setup!


:door: low pressure showers


Better than cold low pressure showers …


I´m sorry I got so many images in my head now. :joy:


Sums it up perfectly!


So you feel like you are not Kate?


:door: pre-holiday waxing aieeeeeeee!


:open_mouth: What is that? Oh. Wait. I think, I don’t wanna know it …


Lack of dynamic range. I think The Offspring’s Days Go By is somehow… tiresome compared to the 1970s album I just listened to and I suspect it’s because sometime during production someone went overboard with a compressor.


I don´t think it has to do with lady shaving.

Wait, why did I say that?


:open_mouth: Why else would you wax yourself?

And why a woman has to wax herself for holidays? Nobody knows the women in the foreign country …


You don´t know so much about women, do you?

Anway, what I meant to say was that she could have meant “waxing poetic”.


That’s right - I’m a man. I think.

So we get a book of poems with things like:
“The wax
is on the tracks.”?


I’m talking about getting my legs waxed, which isn’t that… controversial, right?


Yes, but why? Nobody knows you there! Wouldn’t it be better to let you waxing (is that the right term?) down there so that you are waxed when you are coming home?


:open_mouth: :mega: That doesn´t matter to a woman who just wants to look good when she´s a lot in public on the beach