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What would you put in Room 101?


It’s not about who knows me over there - it’s the fact that it’s a beach holiday and I’ll be wearing lots of things that mean bare legs. And it’s easier than taking a bunch of razors.
(i.e. what Milan said, who was too fast again)

Once home I’ll be back to jeans and stuff.


:loudspeaker: Why? We men don’t care!

and…? Nobody knows you there!

I’ll never understand women… :wink:


Because this isn´t about MEN. This is about HER.

Sorry, I shouldn´t do this.


To me that’s a bit like saying ‘why wear make-up in front of people who don’t know you?’ or ‘why brush your hair?’ ‘why wear clothes?’

I also find it a bit counter-intuitive. I’m more likely to care less in front of my friends, people who do know me, than strangers.


Do you happily unbutton your shirt, breathe out and display your beerbelly as soon as no people are around who know you, @someone ?


Exactly! I still don’t get it why women do that.

That’s not “make up/waxing” (and thus some form of “trinkets”.)

Why? That sounds like strangers are more important …

That isn’t a good example because we’re talking about waxing. :slight_smile: I don’t wax my chest if I go to the beach (and I don’t use a lipstick if I meet my customers).


Do you have problems abstracting in general or only in this case?


hi everybody!
let’s take the ax to the wax
which someone said is on the tracks
cuz we all gotta perform miracles
to wax off all these syllables
ax wax whatever it’s mad max
do you think Furiosa gets her ass waxed?


What a day! What a lovely day!


Eminem already made a song about a lovely Pooh Butt Day.


We are talking about waxing. Hairs. I don’t wax my legs, my chest, etc. And I don’t get it why women do that.


That kinda answers my question, I guess.

:spiral_notepad: avoid metaphors and abstract analogues when talking to @Someone


Not sure what you mean by ‘trinkets’ in that context, but I meant it in the sense of making an effort (the clothes example was a bit tongue-in-cheek :wink:)

Not more important, but it’s natural to feel more comfortable around friends than strangers.

That’s not a good example either. As I’m sure you know, hairy legs on girls aren’t viewed quite the same as hairy chests on men.


Hm… I know a lot of men who are waxing or shaving their chest. There are even special “body” razors for men.


Some women.

You don’t shave?

Not nearly as well as you might think I’d say. Americans and Brits are much more obsessed with all this stuff.


Yes, because it looks ‘better’, not because it’s a social expectation.


I don’t agree here. :slight_smile:


I know it varies between cultures - I can only really speak for mine.


You know being a guy I´m not in the best position. I´ll leave it to @tasse-tee now to convince you.


You don’t think it’s a social expectation for girls to shave their legs? I’m not talking about you personally, I’m talking about society in general.

Maybe it’s just different in Germany then.