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What would you put in Room 101?


Nope. Not for a good two decades now.


It is these days thanks to successful advertising by American (?) depilatory wax companies, but it’s still a social expectation of lesser force.

My wife doesn’t do it (anymore) because I don’t really like it that much anyway and obviously no one enjoys doing it…


We don’t make ourselves look nice just for other people, you know! We do it for ourselves.

*mic drop*




If it were just for myself I’d shave every two weeks or so, when it starts to get a bit itchy. Shaving every couple of days is definitely for projecting a certain image.

There are things I do for myself that have the side effect of making me look nicer (e.g., strength is also muscle tone).

The clothes I wear to work fall somewhere in the middle. Obviously I can’t wear truly comfortable clothes, but nicer clothing is actually more comfortable as well. At home I just wear some sweatpants or something.


See @Frenzies post above. I agree with him.


:door: Electioneering / robocalls

:door: Trolls :zap:

It’s an election day here and I’m getting bombarded with robo calls.


Give Ted Cruz some credit. He´s doing his best to sound human!


:door: Trainers that come with inexplicably long laces.


Just tie your trainers like this and get all fancy!


Actually there is a reason for long laces. Depending on the shoes you have to tie them in a special way.


Is that ancient roman style?


Do enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face:


Which trainers have you bought? Have you used every (maybe hidden) hole?

Generaly speaking: There are several methods to tie a lace and some shoe manufacturers recommend (or support) one of them them (so that the lace fits to the style of the shoe):

For some of these methods you need a longer lace.




They’re Adidas ones from the ‘Campus’ range.


I bought them prelaced in the ‘display’ style (I think - I’m not wearing them right now). There’s just a lot of excess, even with a double knot. Maybe I should try one of those other styles.

They’re pale pink to match the shoe, otherwise I’d buy new ones.

This takes me back to being a teenager when it was fashionable to stuff our laces inside our shoes. I could do that but there would be no room for my feet :laughing:

@milanfahrnholz haha, I didn’t spot that one.



I haven’t found information about a special/different official tie method. :slight_smile: So I guess you have to cut the laces or to try one of the techniques I posted above. :wink:


Yeah same range I think.

Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Dammit I want those red ones now.


Then just buy them - one can’t have enough shoes. :wink:


Why would one need so many shoes?