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What would you put in Room 101?


No problem, man!


The idea wasn’t that bad but the first version having only 2G was ridiculous.
So be careful with the older new versions of this phone :slightly_smiling_face:.
I’ve heard the 2018 model finally has Bluetooth 4!


Fine for my mum who doesn’t use mobile internet :laughing: it was cheaper than the 3G (they sell both versions over here).


I couldn’t tell what’s the difference in practical terms. The cell phone provides a better reception, maybe?

I also love the flip mobile phones: so handy! So bad they sometimes call them “phones for seniors”: how dare they! :laughing:


The battery lasts longer and the phone’s cheaper. But yeah apart from that, not much difference. I guess they just wanted a ‘lite’ version (they sell them side by side here rather than the 2G being an ‘old’ model).

Haha, yeah, how rude! :laughing: I remember wanting one of those so I could flip it open and look cool.



Those old networks will be shutdown eventually. If you want to use a phone for as long as possible it should support as many standards as possible.
2G/3G/LTE/4G etc. You don’t necessarily need the speed but you want the coverage.


Never liked Nokia, for some reason, but given that I mostly use my phone to make calls (and occasionally to surf the web, if I’m really desperate) it would actually be sufficient for my needs. Ah well, the old one still works, and maybe in time someone will start a trend towards smaller handsets again.


Anyone remember the street prank show Trigger Happy TV? I think that elevated the nokia ring tone into cult status, because for a long time you would hear complete strangers when they hear the tune loudly shout “HELLOOOOOOOOOO???”


I liked the music on that show, too. Lots of Eels IIRC. It gave it a nice surreal quality.


Already exists:


Yep, since watching this show I too had always the urge to shout “HELLOOO” whenever I heard the Nokia tune.
Good thing this tune isn’t that popular anymore. And also a little bit sad.


Wasn´t it like the ending of a Sibelius tune or something, though?


I love(d) Nokia instead, being a Nokia my first (and last) cell phone. :sunglasses:



:door: false alarm of smoke detectors in the middle of the night.


My parents know that problem now since they had to install one and that only goes off when it´s false alarm.


:door: Snow in November! :scream:


My personal record was mid-october 9 years ago.

Aptly I then visited Hitler´s bavarian mountain headquarters in the snow. #atmosphere


:door: Summer temperatures in November!

(@yrface: Can we swap? You get the summer and I get the snow?)


Even worse summer during the day and winter at night! I wish I could finally leave the dial of the heating alone!