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What would you put in Room 101?


That’s one reason why I hate it! :crazy_face:
Actually, even the default work phone tone sounds a bit intrusive to my ears, so I changed it to a softer sound that I wouldn’t mind being interrupted with while I’m in the middle of doing something else.

More like “hello, you’re getting a phone call”, rather than “SOMEONE REQUIRES YOUR ATTENTION RIGHT NOW” :sweat_smile:


@someone please stop making annoying phone calls to @tasse-tee! :smile:

Yeah, I hate that too, I usually set the option “first vibration, then ringtone” and it’s always a very calm and modern ring bell.


…and you have to say “Ahoy, hoy” when you answer.

I wonder if it’s also because “you kids these days” prefer texting over talking?


:door: Hearing people tell the exact same story over and over. And each time they tell someone new they fake the same dramatic inflections.

:left_speech_bubble: :crazy_face: Say something once, why say it again?!


I could use the recording gear of the fan dub to record a ringtone for you. I’ll try my best mellow voice and say something like “pick me me up, my tasty tasse-tee…” too bad there are no Rs to be rolled, in that sentence… :thinking:


I´m confident that she doesn´t. :wink:


Your drones have eyes everywhere, don’t they?


:door: people who brag.



That’s not a bad theory, actually.

Texting is so much easier and quicker now - I remember my very first mobile phone only had 9 buttons for all the letters, so to type a “c” you had to press “1” three times and wait a few seconds before it would insert the letter. With texting / messaging you can think through your responses, and you don’t even have to read a message properly as soon as you receive it. On the other hand, when you get a phone call from a random person, you immediately have to work out exactly what they want from you and give them a satisfactory response, or else be judged by the invisible person on the other end :see_no_evil:


And speaking of (mobile) phones:

:door: Display phones in shops that have bulky security devices attached to the back of them, right in the centre, so you can’t easily test how the phone feels in your hand.

My experiences today. At least the Samsung shop realises it’s a bad idea though, and their security devices are only attached to the bottom edge of the phones.


I was just about to say that I’m not the one that is calling @tasse-tee since years… :wink:

Of course! And after that I’ll ask immediately if there is Edna calling. :wink:


:door: people putting their phones on vibrate only and the whole table/desk/building starts to buzz because it was set to vibrate level EARTHQUAKE.


You are now complaining about ANYTHING. Are you sure you’re not everybody Italian people?! :blush:


I also really struggle to find shops that have a working version of the phone I want to look at. Last time after trying about five shops, I asked in one last place and the assistant said, just a sec, and I thought, oh good. Then they came back with a plastic dummy version :roll_eyes:


:door: Phones that get bigger and bigger. I’m waiting for the day when a handle has to be attached to the back in order to … well … handle them.

Still not quite sure how to replace my aging Blackberry Z10. The two candidates left would be the iPhone SE, or a couple compact models from Sony, and neither of these companies have me thrilled to throw money at them.


This thread right now:



These things are very popular in the UK right now. They have a sticky adhesive on the back that lets you attach them to the back of your phone.


When I was due for an upgrade, I got the iPhone SE. It’s the only one that looked small enough to still fit in my pocket!


those popsockets actually amplify the noise it makes when vibrating if you lay the phone on it’s back (since it isn’t flat anymore)