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What would you put in Room 101?


We have several (cheap) detectors in the house. They are communicating and starting the alarm as soon as one of them starts. But we have to stop each of them.

btw: smoke detectors are very useful!


I guess so. Someone I know told me a story about having been woken up by a firefighter who was leaning over his bed, because they had detected smoke in his flat. Turned out an old defect cable had started to burn and smoke filled almost the whole place so the neighbors called the firefighters.


Gladly! Though I must admit the snow was beautiful as it covered the red and yellow leaves yesterday…
but it turns drivers into idiots and then I spend an extra 2 hours getting my daughter to school. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Isn’t that true for/with several other weather conditions?


This is true (of most weather conditions actually). I’ll just start using a yellow crystal to teleport instead.


You think your daughter would be fine going to school in a cave in Lima?


Hmm, i think she’d prefer Atlantis. I’ll have to make sure she packs her kazoo though.


Clever! That way you don´t have to mind picking her up again, if the Dolphin cares for it!


:door: Coming home to find the living room window left wide open

Let’s just say the air in our apartment is very fresh right now.




Rain definitely does.


Snow in april/may. It was around 2000. I should have some pics, somewhere.


You know what, I think remember that time as being super rainy and cold in that particular year. Especially since many a may has been incredibly hot since!

I love saying that out loud!


:door: lip cuts :mask: