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What would you put in Room 101?


I think I found out that if there is a thread of quotes above and not only one full quoted post, it doesn´t get removed.


Weird, if anything it’s too much threading that’s often problematic.


I just got one edit for a post from friggin September 2017. Some of you weren´t even born then (accountwise)!


It feels like any minute now the devs are going to reboot the whole system.
Who knew DiscourseTron3000™ ran on tube technology?


:baby_chick: :baby_bottle: :baby:


:door: The electricity going out in three groups for no apparent reason.

The circuit breakers didn’t crap out nor does toggling them on and off have any effect. (And afaik it shouldn’t make a difference but we also tried toggling the mains for good measure.)

It’s most of the kitchen, but luckily not the fridge & stove. The fridge is on a different group than most of the kitchen, and obviously the stove is its own thing. Yet on the circuit breaker it’s apparently together with the rest of the counter in “group A”… you can’t make this stuff up. I ran an extension cord to the to the water boiler under the sink for washing dishes. Hopefully not for too long…

And also the bathroom & bedrooms.

Oh well, at least the ceiling lights are on their own group & the whole living room is also working as it should.

Now hopefully it’ll at least get fixed this week…


Check your country requirements for electrical systems. If yours is in accordance with them, then you’ll know how it works.
Otherwise… I highly recommend you to call an electrician, and a good one. Old electrical systems can hide some surprises.


I assume you did check, but how’s your differential?


I don’t really understand what you mean tbh. Are you allowed to touch things like electricity and gas in Italy without a license?

I currently rent, so I will do no such thing. :wink: I called the landlord and if she doesn’t call me back tomorrow morning I’ll call again. It’s a mildly annoying intermediary process but if they didn’t do it to my satisfaction that would be a reason to move, not to pay for an electrician out of my own pocket. :smiley:

They actually installed this stuff new “state of the art” about a year ago. The wiring and outlets were upgraded to finally be grounded, which we were very happy with. The building is from the '70s and apparently grounded outlets weren’t required until 1981. The modern circuit breakers seemed nice too. In any case, it was then inspected and passed, although the inspection made some remarks to feel important, which led to minor adjustments.


Haha, no. :slightly_smiling_face:
I meant that, if your system is well done, you can be sure about its safety equipment, while waiting for the system to be repaired :wink:.


I don’t think I’m familiar with that term outside of mathematics, sorry. Do you just mean the “spanning” (Eng. Voltage) or something else altogether? Regardless, I’m afraid I don’t own a multimeter. (Yes, really. :slight_smile: ) It’s been on my “nice to have list” for, um, a long time. The problem is I’d probably only use it once every few years to possibly figure out which resistor is broken — if I’m lucky, that is.


I meant your “verliesstroomschakelaar”. It is not like a regular circuit breaker in the sense it doesn’t jump when too much current is drawn, rather when the difference between currents is too high (which signifies a leak current - typical are 300uA in the kitchen and 30uA in bathrooms)
If you don’t have a decent ground connection, such a differential breaker doesn’t work properly.
Anyway, they also have a test button.


Oh, where I’m from that’s called an aardlekschakelaar.

That one didn’t trigger, and the test button doesn’t do anything? It’s not like any I ever knew. Meh, I guess I can try flipping it the other way around tomorrow (but if “up” means it triggered that would be incredibly stupid design language).


It turns out there’s an additional fuse box with four circuit breakers down in the basement. I thought all that was there was the meter. Well, now I know always to check the basement for hidden fuse boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:


:door: flu/cold season… :face_with_thermometer:


I once lived in an apartment above a restaurant, and the circuit would overload everytime we used more than one appliance in the kitchen. The fusebox was in the basement, but you had to go through the restaurant’s kitchen to get to it. It happened so much, i would just wander in and the kitchen staff barely paid attention to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


:door: Steam oddities.

A few hours ago they posted on Steam that the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC was now available. Steam itself says it’ll update around 4:30 AM, i.e., over 6 hours from now.

Then I clicked “play” (as for the current version without new DLC) and it decided to download a 1 GB patch first. I’m sure this all makes sense, somehow… :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t you know that already?




Right, and I’d better not take a swim in my backyard pool. :wink:


Perhaps it’s time for @Someone to update his avatar to that smiling Dave in the dark to be canon.