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What would you put in Room 101?


Yes, more resources in absolute terms. But was tungsten so easy to find and process?

Same as above. Also tungsten bulbs are one of the best known examples (together with nylon stockings) of planned obsolescence. There’s a famous case of one of the first filament bulbs ever produced (made with a carbon filament, before the introduction of the thinner tungsten filaments) dating back to the early twentieth century, still working in a U.S. fire station. Leds last longer than tungsten bulbs produced with planned obsolescence.

That’s great when you do not leave the room for too much time :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: You’re right, that’s true. But once you’ve mastered the new measurement of quantity of light (lumens) for your preferred kind of light, then it’s a lot easier.


And you better learn to read light distribution diagrams and look at some data sheets before shopping for bulbs. Easier than many P&C adventure game puzzles :smile:.

Maybe candles is the better way to go :candle:. But psst., lest they forbid all but LED candles.


Hehe :smile:
Anyway those charts with strange shapes are related to lamps in which bulbs are in :slightly_smiling_face:
If you don’t like leds, go for the halogen bulbs: they are almost identical to the tungsten bulbs under every aspect (but the lower energy consumption)!


Actually I have a vague memory like that was a puzzle in some game… >_>


In the linked article, yes, but they are also available for the bulbs themselves (towards the bottom of the leaflets).

Used those for a bit, but they neither save that much energy nor do they last very long. So yeah, they come as close to a good old-fashioned incandescent bulb as it gets these days :slight_smile:.






Yeah, lower than tungsten… but very higher comparing to LEDs!
Indeed alogen lamps have been banned in the European Union because of their high energy consumption, just as like the old tungsten lamps.

Since a few years ago, as an “eco” option you had only those crappy fluorescent bulbs “which take ages to get fully bright”… But today LEDs solved the problem, at least for me.
I’m not referring to the old diods lamps, but the led filament ones (the ones with the yellow filaments inside, just to make myself clear.

You can choose the amount of light, they come in both the socket size, they come in varioous shapes and size, various temperatures, and they are also beautiful comparing to the clumsy alogen/fluorescent/diod lamps. Oh, and obviously they don’t need time to get bright.



that’s also true, but you can still find them in stores.
The news is fresh (September 1, 2018).

Yeah, whether you use bulbs with the squared little diods insideimmagine
or the filaments with mini-diods immagine
technology is almost the same (while price may vary, since the second one is a newer patent).
I use both: if the bulb has a “scenic presence” in the lamp holder, then I use the led bulbs with filaments. If the bulb goes into a closed lamp holder (or simply the bulbs are hidden inside of it), then I mostly go for the other kind.
Led bulbs with filaments works in a way very similar to the old tungsten bulbs, in terms of illumination. (Angle of emission of 360 degrees).
While for the other kind of led bulbs, use the direction of light emission you prefer: if they have to be placed head down into light fixtures up to ceilings, then chose an angle of emission starting from 120 degrees. For a different solution, like an environmental light in the middle of the room, chose an angle of emission up to almost 360 degrees.


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