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What's for dinner?


Oh, and cinnamon powder.
We had some leftover batter from the flowers… the fritters were a great idea.


I forgot, she also made some fruit pie.


Looks nice, but a bit fruit heavy for me :wink:

Ooh, I should make a banoffee pie :bulb:


Same here!

I had to look that up and now I want you to make it, too! :drooling_face:


Maybe I’ll make one at the weekend – you can enjoy it by proxy :wink:

I remember my aunt making the toffee bit by boiling a tin of condensed milk. Sounds odd but it was the best.


I will, vicariously!


I debated between those two phrases so I’m glad you used the other one :smile:


That’s how crostata should be :smiley: you can never have enough fruit.


All the fruit I need in a bag.




No, No, No, No, No, No!

YES! :smiley:


Everything in moderation! Except fruit, which sucks.



* removes tomato *
*removes bacon *
Nom nom nom.


What’s next: “removes red onion, green slime and fried onions”?


Nah, I’ll eat that tasty stuff! Especially if the green slime is guac.


Anyway, I don’t understand you, my friends. :hugs:

Why prefer fruit flavoured stuff to the real thing?
A crostata is very sweet and tasty, with its butter pastry, its crema pasticcera, its jelly… and full of real fruit. Real flavour. Fruit flavoured stuff doesn’t taste like fruit… it tastes like preservatives.


yes it is guacamole.
But no worries: I make all ingredients separate, so everyone gets to choose how to build the burger stack.
You only need to tell me if you prefer with or without cheese, cause that is added during cooking of course so it melts
Pro-tip: keep the guacamole somewhere in the middle, or the bun will rip while eating.


Example: :lemon: . Real lemons are sharp, so you can’t have too much of that taste at once. Lemon-flavoured sweets, on the other hand, have a softer taste. So you can eat more of them at once and enjoy the lemony goodness for longer.


except there be no lemon anywhere near a lemon flavoured sweet.

It’s like comparing apples to … baseballs