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What's for dinner?


With cheese, please :yum:


Uhh… sure, sugar-coated baseballs? :sweat_smile:
I think the answer to @Ema’s question is essentially fruit < sugar


Remind me to make you a strawberry + lemon thing for dessert. Fruit totally >> sugar!


I don’t know anyone who eats whole lemons! :sweat_smile: as far as I know, they’re Not intended for that.
Pro-tip: squeeza 1/4 of lemon into your gin and tonic. You’llhave all the lemony goodness you want, and no sharpness! :grinning:


Not for me. Redcurrants and gooseberries are some of my favorites, and Granny Smiths my go-to everyday fruit.

A good Italian lemon (i.e., not really available here) I might. :wink:


Not really available even here.
Only in the southern regions of Italy you can get those. Here we have the same lemons you can find all over the world.


By the way, this is what I found at my parents-in-law today…


Work in progress…




Ooh! Soufflés?


pumpkin flan with goat cheese fondue


Okay, now that one just looks like a pan full of PiecesOfKates.


:open_mouth: :drooling_face: that looks incredible… Was it difficult to make?


No, not difficult. Just a long process

Disclaimer: the cook is my wife. I was out for job until 7 pm, I just gave a hand when I came home.


How are you getting on with the induction hob?


I’m still not used to it, after 3 months. My wife likes it, but I have to admit she cooked better on the gas. I think it’s just a matter of time, she’ll get used to it. But it takes a while, I suppose.


Risotto with quail


We went electrical when we moved to Switzerland, it was a pain in the *beep* at first, but after a while you get used to it and now I actually prefer it over gas.

I suppose it’s the same for induction.

How do you cook by induction?
You cook it for 0 and then, supposed it’s cooked for N, you show it’s cooked also for N+1.


I concur. When we moved to a house with an induction hob I got quite excited, then quickly realised I much prefer a gas hob. It’s just more responsive and much easier to control the heat.

Induction’s obviously easier to clean though.

I found electric even worse. I had that at uni and it took absolutely ages to heat up. Then I’d always lean on it later and burn myself :laughing:

This isn’t a conversation I thought I’d be having on here.



I used electrical and induction hob both two years ago on vacation. I cook in a very basic way, that must be said. Anyway, what I missed was the “warmth” and presence of the flame. But given the environmental benefits of having induction powered by photovoltaic panels, I think this will bring me choose induction for the future (the same for underfloor heating).