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What's for dinner?


BEeping discourse. Why can’t I like more than once?


Since you liked it… I must tell you è had also some raw meat (courtesy of my father-in-law who’s a butcher) but I didn’t take a pic;
And this great wine:

Can you suggest a dessert?


Damnit, I don´t have a wife that can cook, no reason to come to me, then! :neutral_face:


I firmly voted for ordering half kilo of ice cream from deliveroo… but my wife voted against :unamused:


Steak tartare?

Ooh… How about a nice panna cotta? I’m weird and like it plain, but maybe with a fruit coulis :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: haha, or ice cream works. If it’s Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food.


I’d eat your cheese and ham pieces :slightly_smiling_face: long as you boozed me up too.


You´d have to sign a waifer first that the boozing up was consensual. A man cannot be too careful these days. :eyes:


@milanfahrnholz this is a declaration of love.


Is that a waiver or a wafer? :wink:


Both. First you sign it and then you can eat it.




No, it was kinda like carne salada.

About dessert: no ice cream. My wife said: since the kitchen is a beeping mess yet, we could make apple fritters!!

Updates will follow





Good choice :drooling_face: throw some banana in there too. Mmmm.


This is NOT the topic you’d want to read when all you’re thinking is “I have to get back in shape, less eating and more running”. Ema, stop frying stuff!





Didn’t have any. We put some dried raisins.


Oh wow. I wouldn’t have thought of that.