When (and why) you DON'T want RtMI to be released?

This quote gave me the idea for this thread.
I’ll start this.

I don’t want the game to be released in the first days of November so I won’t be forced to let my my wife go to the hospital alone by taxi for the discharge of my son.

(it nearly happened in 2018 with my daughter, but, meh, that was just Life is strange)


In 2023, cause they’ve been thirty-two freakin’ years already.

What a word! :rofl:

Yes, the intended word was “delivery” but for some reason it didn’t come out of my mind


Because you’d have to call an Uber Eats for that, not a taxi.

I didn’t want RtMI to be released in June 2022 and I’m safe from that.
Now… I’m kinda ok with any other possibility.