When dreams are prophetic (real experience)

I want to share with you an experience of mine.

Yesterday night, I’ve lost my car’s key.
I had parked my car near my apartment, closed the car, put the keys in my jacket’s pocket, entered my home, put my jacket on the jacket hanger and gone to sleep.
The next morning, I put my jacket on, put my hand in the pocket… and the car’s key was not there!

So, I searched everywhere, in the 10-meters-long passage from my car and my apartment, searched the rooms, the stairs… nothing found.

Tonight, I had a dream.
I dreamed my jacket hanger, then my jacket on it, then the car’s key hidden in the pocket.
Then, suddenly, I woke up.
I couldn’t get to sleep, so I decided to stand up, and go to check my jacket’s pocket. Once again.
I put my jacket on the table, and started to palpate every jacket inch.
Finally, near the zip, I felt something hard!
I put my hand in the pocket, reversed it, and discovered a hole! I torn it, put my hand in it and finally… I FOUND THE KEY! Hidden inside the jacket’s stuffing!

Who knows what happened!
I like to think that it was a message sent by a Skolarian, using a dream as a way of communication.
Going exactly the way @David said it would, in Zak McKracken :smiley:
("…so telepathic conversations and dream-sharing became the norm…")



Well it would be easy to say you just remebered it, but that would be boooooring.


I think the Dream Zak thought outside the box a little bit. I’ve done that in dreams, too. In real life sometimes you focus so hard on trying to work something out, or remember something, that you can’t do it – then when you think about something else, the answer pops in. In the same way your subconscious probably snuck forth and suggested the key might’ve got stuck in the lining of your jacket.

Turns out Dream Zak is cleverer than Real You :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


great story!

the effect of sleeping/dreaming in problem solving has scientific grounds:

not related but this remind me of a paper I read about the effect of beer in learning, fascinating:

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When I was a kid, I loved Kings of the beach (by the way, I still do - best volley game ever). I played it very often with my friends. Sometimes, however, the CPU protested and the referee gave the point to them. We wanted to try it too, but we had no idea how to do it.

Then, one night, I dreamt I had to press F1. The next day I tried it, and it worked :smiley: from then on, we basically protested every time.