Tell me your dreams

I’ve been collecting dreams of people I know, and @Guga has inspired me to involve you lot too.

So, tell me your dreams! As in the ones you have at night, not your ambitious plans and aspirations. I’m especially interested in recurring dreams, and lucid dreams (where you’re aware that you are dreaming). Tell me when you dreamed it, all the details you can remember including how you felt during the dream, and if you think it’s connected to anything.

No fake ones, please. And if you have to leave bits out because you’re embarrassed, I’d rather you didn’t tell me about those at all, as it’ll be skewed. Plus we’re all about embarrassment on here.


Disclaimer: I’m collecting these details in a private spreadsheet, but will keep them anonymous and won’t connect them to the poster or the forum. It’s just for my own interest, so I won’t share or publicise them anywhere.


I’ve realised I forgot to mention one I had a few nights back. I’ve been watching a lot of Riverdale (my guilty pleasure), and dreamed I met up with all of you at a giant beanbag party to watch films(!), but you slowly morphed into the characters on Riverdale. I think it’s because I don’t know what any of you look like, so my brain tried to use ‘placeholders’. And I recently watched an interview with the cast where they were sitting on beanbags.

For those that know the show, I think Jughead was meant to be @milanfahrnholz (I’ve also remembered we went down the road to buy some crisps), Archie was @Someone and I can’t remember the rest, grr. Better reinstate that notepad and pen!

Hm… I’m not sure if I would like to do this in public. There are some dreams that a very private and I feel not very comfortable with the idea that someone (= not myself) is collecting them in a spreadsheet.

But if there is/will be a dream that I can share with the public, I will write it down here.

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That’s fine, I wouldn’t expect anyone to divulge all of them.

Probably a good point about where they’re going to end up, though (data protection and all that) so I’ll clarify in my post.

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So you are collecting dreams like we others TWP merch? Or are you going to use the dreams in a research project/paper?

I guess the first one is closest? I’d just like to look at patterns and themes – I’m not sure what I’ll find yet but figured it’d be interesting.


Oh great, now I gotta watch that fucking show to get that reference. :grimacing:

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Just cross-referencing this for posterity.

Guga’s dream


How funny… They look more like the comic book characters (Riverdale is based on Archie). But then I guess they would, being illustrated. Doi.

Plus that episode is a lot older than the current show so that´s all they had at the time.

It also has a follow up joke where Homer reads an Archie comic saying “Stuck-up Riverdale punks. Think they’re too good for me!”

Appears I´m the one wearing the blueish burger king crown in sitting in the back right of the car. I checked and the actor playing him now is a lot younger than I am.

Back to topic I think I need a coffee first…

Well, now I have the title for my next game.

I have a couple of those. The fun fact is, I had ALL of them last week, and every time, in the dream, I said “wow, that’s like one of my recurring dreams, but this time it’s not a dream”, which added a layer of strangeness. Like my subconscious was trying to fool me because I’m too used to such dreams that I dismiss them as dreams.

I suppose they’re quite common.

The most recurring is the elevator. It’s usually a normal dream, with a plot and all, but then I have to enter an elevator and it becomes a nightmare. The elevator begins to go up, but it never stops, and I know I’ve gone past the last floor, and while I’m there worried and wondering, it obviously begins to fall.

Then it’s “falling teeth” time. Or, crumbling teeth. I find pieces of Kate teeth in my mouth and I have to spit them, and then there’s a lot of them, and one or two whole teeth are gone.

Then, there’s a house. Or I should say a mansion, it reminds me of the one in The Colonel’s Bequest. Usually, dreams in those house are based on me having lots of friends for some kind of event - a dinner, a vacation, whatever - and we need to arrange places to sleep, and we always end up finding a new room.

Today I dreamt that I was browsing TV channels to find World Cup matches, and I find USA-Latvia, and my wife says “that can’t be a WC match, USA did not qualify for the first time in 30 years” and I’m like “how the hell do you know such stuff?”

Wow, thanks for all this detail, that’s great :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a bit like what happens when I lucid dream. Once I ended up arguing with a soldier about whose dream we were in. It’s interesting that half our brain seems to be trying to tell us it’s not real, while the other tries to keep fooling us.

I like (not that I take pleasure in your pain) the elevator one. It sounds like a classic recurring anxiety dream, where something is out of your control and you can’t stop it. And there’s either no one there, or if there is they can’t help. That one really has a sense of inevitability because you’re trapped inside something.

Ah yes, teeth. I used to have so many of those (dreams, not teeth). Then the other week a bit of my tooth randomly came off in real life, and I was convinced I was dreaming.

Is that where all my teeth are going? That would be nice and circular :wink:

I’m going to read the other bits later.

Have you thought about to make (short) adventure games from these dreams?

@PiecesOfKate: Could it help to “do” something intensively with a dream (like to convert them into an adventure game) to get rid of it?


That would be quite interesting!

This article lists many works of art that are said to be based on dreams. No games as of yet.


Is this going to be the theme of the first TWPForumGameJam? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haven´t we settled on the title Guga´s Dream already?


But seriously: The “stories” in your dreams could be interesting starting points for a short story, novel or an adventure game. You really should write them down or make a game. (And maybe then the dreams won’t be nightmares anymore…)

Yeah, maybe. For better awareness in lucid dreaming it’s recommended to have a ‘checking system’, such as looking at your hands daily in real life, so that you can then check whether you’re dreaming (because likeliness is you’ll have extra digits or something if it’s a dream).

So conversely, bringing elements of the dream into reality might stop you dreaming about it. And you’d end up with an interesting adventure game premise in the process!

Oh, yeah, I forgot. Lucid dreaming.

It happens to me sometimes. I remember once that I needed shaving cream, saying “well, this is a dream, I can make it appear out of nowhere”, opening a drawer and it was FULL of shaving cream packs.

That was the only time I could actually direct my dreams. All other times I usually try to fly, but fail to.