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When is placed Monkey Island 1?


Ahah no let’s not disturb Ron, it was just a childish question, not a matter of life or death :joy:


The English version of that Wikipedia article has different dates:


True, between rewatching Star Trek Voyager, playing a Bard in his D&D group and fooling around working on a top down combat-free RPG he´s really busy.
Unlike us…


Yes, but we all know that “Italians do it better”, thus I trust more the dates in the italian page :yum:


Aren’t we forgetting something called a Grog™ Machine?


I’m actually switching between my day job and this forum back and forth! :nerd_face:


When was the Grog invented?

/edit: According to Wikipedia “grog was first used in this sense in 1770, though other sources cite 1749.”


True, it only takes a few seconds off really.

What part of the word “machine” didn´t you understand?


“mach”. Why do you ask?


First you must conclude whether Time travel is possible in this world. How do we know the Grog™ Corp of America did not plant the machine on Melee Island as part of their marketing plan?


That´s a measure of speed in relation to the sound barrier or something…


Of course it is. M.J.Fox is still alive and can witness it.


And what about the rubber chicken? Was it a conspiration of the time-traveling rubber and grog industry?


With their slogan:

"If you two had too much grog that night, don´t forget to use a rubber!"



That is Rainbow?

Ritchie Blackmore certainly changed a lot with age!



Maybe after his sex change he had a cosmetic surgery right away (I would assume that he got two surgeries for one price).


Reminds me of Al’s aluminum clad backup singers:


You can tell this is a Thimbleweed Park Forum (hah, you almost forgot didn´t ya?) because I instantly read “A.I.” instead of “AL”…Weird A.I. …hah!


The Weird Al A.I.* is responsible for all those parodies and polkas?

*no relation to the Weird Ed A.I.


That would explain the productive output and the pedantic grammar!