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When is placed Monkey Island 1?


It´s been done!

The answer: The year 3014

Sorry, Zak but that´s canon now! :smile:


But if Curse is set in 1587 then Monkey Island 1 can’t be in 1726…


3014! Which means Monkey Island is steampunk, even though Ron isn´t particulary fond of that genre himself…




Yeah, that’s the period taken as a background reference, without doubt, with things from more modern periods as well (grog, machines, cylinders… there are many…)

For the exact date… it’s the 17th of 3014.


Now I´ve seen it all.


/edit: Sorry, wrong link




“Alright folks, move along! Time to go to the music thread, nothing more to see here!”


We have a music thread?



But that’s about your mood. :thinking: So I can’t post this:


I´m always in the mood for that.


That puts the insult sword fighting line “I am rubber, you are glue!” in a whole new perspective.




Then again, Ron sucks at math. So either it is 1507, 1430 or he just confessed to having made Space Quest.


(I believe that Ron has rolled his new dice before answering that question on the GG blog! :smile: )


That is a confession I would wilco…erm…welcome! :slight_smile:


They ought to add it in the Monkey Island Wiki ASAP.

Is there an official source for this?

AI Neural Net upscaling of old pixel backgrounds

No, I had this from the comments section in Ron’s blog. If somebody has a more reliable source, please post. :slight_smile: