Where did Ray go? *spoilers!*

So where did Ray go?

Did she get uploaded into real world? (ala. Quora in Tron 2)
Did she get uploaded into another game?
Did she get uploaded into a computer in Japan, perhaps in a game developer studio? So she later can be downloaded into a new game?

And second thing. What game was the puzzle dependency chart for?

Was it the chart for TWP?
TWPs sequel or prequel?
TTs next game?
Its probably not for a murder simulator…

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The game doesn’t provide information about where Ray was uploaded.

About the puzzle dependency chart, Thimbleweed Park is set in 1987 and the chart is about a new game that the developers were creating back then, so I would say that it might be the chart for Maniac Mansion.

Which would be a bit late in that game´s two year development phase to use the chart, wouldn´t it?

BTW there are some clues throughout the game (TwP) that might give one an idea which month in 1987 it takes place in.

I think that the developers are in ThimbleCon because they are exhibiting the game, either finished or in its advanced development. For the same reason, the chart has been brought to the fair for display purposes, not because the developers are still using it to design the game.

That’s interesting. Does it match with MM release date?

There´s calendars, references to real life movies and tv personalities and events, and several other stuff. I don´t have the details handy right now but I think I concluded that the game takes place a little later in the year and MM was released in October but I don´t think it takes place after that.

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It would be interesting to know, but if we look at the story: Do we need to know that? For me it’s only relevant to know that she is uploaded.

Bascially all Ray did was make a useless attempt to leave a sinking ship.

Ray continues to live in the form of a texture in your hard drive.

That’s also true for all other characters, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Ray is the only one to make it out and not be deleted… the question is: to where?


Obviously that MMO you’re working on. Those tend to have persistent worlds and extended up-time. Well, so long as EA isn’t running the servers.

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Title of this thread: “Where did Ray go?”

I don´t know…I kinda feel like we´re moving a in circles here…let´s start from the beginning!

  1. Why is this question important?
  2. Is there any hint to the answer, in the game?
  3. Anyway, my answer is “Nowhere”. Your game is so meta that I thought that the game was doing a real upload of something to somewhere. But I just checked with a packet sniffer and I didn’t detect any suspicious transfer of data. Ray is lost as any other character.
  4. If the previous answer is wrong, then my alternative answer is “Cincinnati”.
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I also believe that the only possible solution to this problem lies in the TNG Episode “Elementary, Dear Data” at the end of which the hologram of Dr. Moriarty tries to leave the Holodeck and fails because as the crew tells him, when he tries to cross the doorstep he will cease to exist. It´s just not possible.

But if it is, my alterative answer will have to be “Branson, Missouri”.

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Maybe she went to a server in Albuquerque. Lurking until she can upload herself to the next release from Terrible Toybox™

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:ray: There is NO server in Albuquerque.


:ransome: That’s just what she WANTS you to beeping think!

I just imagined a version of The Matrix that ends with everything and everybody inside the Matrix being destroyed EXCEPT Joe Pantoliano´s Character…I mean that film had it´s problems but at least they didn´t do THAT.

She’s written on a save disk.

These questions popped up in my mind too. :slight_smile:

If the question would be important, @RonGilbert had left some informations in the game. As he obviously hadn’t, the question isn’t solvable and thus not important.

Beside that: As the whole game is an adventure game, Ray can’t be rescued. The only possibility would be to write her in a separate file - so if there isn’t an additional file in the TWP directory (or somewhere else on your harddrive) Ray hasn’t been rescued or “uploaded”.

I recently deleted her, when I uninstalled the game :smiley:
What felt really weird, was that the scene just before she gets uploaded reminded me a lot of Inception (dialog-wise).
Maybe the whole game was just a dream? :smiley:

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