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Which catchy TWP phrase would make a great t-shirt?

Assuming that a t-shirt might show not just texts but also graphics…

Which catchy TWP phrase would make a great t-shirt?

  • *BEEP* you!
  • Diggin’!
  • Party like it’s 1999.
  • Shut up, Dave!
  • The signals are strong tonight.
  • [Other: specify in the thread]

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I have chosen only short phrases because I think that they make better t-shirts, but feel free to mention longer sentences if you think that it would make a good t-shirt. :slight_smile:

When I read the title I immediately wanted to suggest “Party like it’s 1999!”
(Maybe it could also say “4th law of robotics:” before this line?)

“I designed the O-Ring!”

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I thought about adding that bit but it would make it more TWP-specific, while the more generic phrase works also as a reference to Prince.

I’m sure that a t-shirt like this would be perfectly interpreted as a reference to a videogame.

“The kids at school will beat you up with love!”

‘How may I be a-boo of service?’

That would work especially well in public-facing jobs. Or in the future when there are Thimbleweed Park themed restaurants.


That sounded nice until I remembered that they would have to serve S&D Diner quality food in order to be authentic :face_vomiting:

S&D diner food is excellent. That story in the Thimbleweed Nickel about botulism was a smear job.


:franklin: Oh my, I would throw up if I…you know…still had a stomach!

Oh yeah, darn. “I’ll have the salad.”

“Autographs are $100.” Ransome themed

“Hey dude, what’s your damage?” Teddy themed

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Ray and Reyes with Polaroid themed

And on the back it could say: “OK, $50.”


this is the only one that can be understood by (and seem funny to) people who haven’t played TWP.

I would say that “beep you!” could also be understood by other people …

yes but it would not be funny without context. I think.

In the US they use the beep in TV shows and movies. So I would assume that most people will think that is a reference to these beeps. :slight_smile:

Ok, but if it’s only a reference to that, where’s the joke? That joke is only an in-joke. (oh, wait)

Because proudly putting something on your T-Shirt yet still restraining yourself by using a written beep is funny. It contradicts your expecations.

Oh, I got it now. Yes, makes sense :slight_smile:

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