Which songs did you like most?

I liked many of the songs in the game and I think that the composer did a really good job at creating sounds that reminded me of Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtrack.

But the single song that motivated me to buy the full soundtrack was… the elevator song! :astonished:
I have really no idea why it captivates me so much.

Here is the list of the songs (actually, if you purchase and download the album, you’ll find in it even more songs). Which ones did you like?


Tuna Head/No Quarter by Razor and the Scummettes. I was hoping for a Razor and the Scummettes reference in this when I realized through the previews that Dave and Sandy would be in the game. Especially since I loved Razor since I was a kid when I first played Maniac Mansion, my first adventure game (Zak was second, and MI1 was third).

Just the most '80s song in the soundtrack, and so catchy. Was glad to have it stuck in my head for weeks. Though I didn’t care for the version with vocals in the soundtrack – and “No Quarter” really threw me off, as the game clearly positioned it as a Razor song called “Tuna Head.”

I turned on the radio in any room with one just so I could listen to the song wherever I was, whatever I was doing.

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I can’t get this TUNA out of my HEAD. I’m pretty sure it would never win a Grammy, but once it is in your ear, you never get rid of it.
The only other song I actively remember is the title song that was also used in the podcasts.

The Ending song, hands down. It reminded me so much of a mix between The Underground Tunnels and The Crypt, from MI2. It was the perfect mood to end the game, it gave me chills and it made me feel I had just played an amazing game. In a word: Closure.

The County song was really good as well.

I didn’t really care for Tuna Head. Actually I found it kind of annoying, lol. I have to say though that I liked No Quarter better and I was surprised when I first heard it, because that’s the song I would have used in the game instead. It made more sense to me to have the song with the lyrics.

I loved the Quickie Pal one.

The “Opener” song in the soundtrack is by far my favourite. I always liked the “riff” they play at the beginning and end of the podcast, so it was very nice being able to listen to the whole thing. Followed by the “Bridge” and “County” songs, which are very atmospheric.

The Tuna Head song played in the game by the Radio DJ is called “No Quarter” in the soundtrack, and has vocals. I like that one too.

Then, finally, there’s the song called “Ending” in the soundtrack which sounds to me hauntingly sweet and melancholy, just like I felt at the end of the three weeks it took me to complete the game, after waiting for it for two years. :slight_smile:


But I’m a little sad the instrumental version is not on the soundtrack. It would have been nice! :slight_smile:

Tuna Head / No Quarter, and the Quickie Pal, are my favorite.

In-game, however, the best one was the ending. It suited so perfectly with the game’s feeling.

Yes, that’s a beautiful poignant companion to the last actions that you have to make to finish the journey. Perfectly crafted for those last moments.

I wasn’t particularly attracted by Tuna Head/No Quarter, it’s a nice song that plays a big role in the game and that they forcefully try to implant in your brain through continuous repetition but for some reason their ignominious plan didn’t work out on me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Said that, I find its instrumental version way better than the one with vocals.

I came to hate that piece. I was stuck at the radio station in one of the later acts trying to solve a puzzle, and had to listen to it for quite some time. :frowning: :smiley:

@AhoyThereFancypants , @DZ-Jay : the instrumental version of Tuna Head / No Quarter is included in the soundtrack, now. Be sure to download the soundtrack again from Bandcamp, because the package has been updated. :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure about it but it’s also possible that the update included a few more bonus tracks.


Hey, thanks! You’re absolutely right, and it has been updated. The track “No Quarter” is now the instrumental, while the vocal version has been added as a 19th track called “No Quarter (vocals)”.

It’s complete!

Whoa! Thanks! I’ll try that. I really liked the instrumental, but I will admit that when the vocals started, after a brief shock, I was pleasantly surprised. Indeed, I prefer it with vocals. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hint, but how would I re-download the album if the key has already been redeemed?

Get in contact with band camp, they can fix this for you. If that fails, contract support@thimbleweedpark.com

I used the original link from the email that Bandcamp had sent me but it gave me an ‘expired’ message - however, it then gave me the option to enter my email and I immediately received a new link without having to contact anyone or wait. try that if you still have your original email.

Didn’t you create an account there the first time? I already had an account, but I’m pretty sure you will need an account to “store” the redeemed item in. Try logging in, or resetting the password, and you should find the soundtrack in your collection.

Is this thread about songs only? Technically, a piece of music is only a song, if there is someone singing in it </nitpick>
So, my favourite track was the hotel, it gave the location a laid-back relaxed atmosphere.
I also liked the opening track. Always wished that the podcasts would include 30s more of it :smiley:

No, it isn’t. I used the wrong term, you can assume that I intended any piece of music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, totally agree. From the piano bar kind of music mixing wonderfully with the fountain, to the quiet almost sad piano piece at the end that seems to be in reference to Franklin and his state as a ghost. It’s a great little piece of music.

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