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Who created the "MMucasFlem" word?

Yes, I’m searching for a culprit.
Whoever you are, CONFESS!

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You mean it wasn’t George MMucas who invented this name?

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MMucas Flem was founded in 1971 by Splorch Mmucas. Their first film was the dystopic SciFi Thriller “BTX-7811”.
After it turned out to be a commercial failure Frank Harrison Cageola suggested to Mmucas to do a teen movie. That movie turned out to be a hit and cultural phenomenon.
The movie of course was “United States Walldrawing” in 1974.
Next up in 1977 was an hommage to the old Flash Gordon movie serials called
"Luke Starkiller and the Monsters from Outer Space" which as we all know paved the way for a franchise that´s going on to this day.

In 1982 they founded their game division in order to sell even more merchandise.

The rest is history…


MMucasFlem was was a joke we used to use back at Lucasfilm. We would call it MMucusFlem when we want to make fun of, or talk about something silly, the company did. I don’t know who first used it. I remember it first being used when we moved to Skywalker Ranch.

Hopefully you were looking for a serious answer.


Didn´t know it goes back that far!


Yes and no, you’ll find the reason of my question in your PrivateMessages.

Thank you for your answer, anyway :smiley:

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Or what? You’ll use the soft cushions to torture him? The comfy chair?



Who would have thought that, I thought this name was made up for the game!


Every time, those guys at Lucasfilm, are able to surprise us! :blush:

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You have no idea how many layers that one has, people! :expressionless:

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Now I’m curious!

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