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Who is online right now?


Is there somewhere a list of all users who are online at the moment?


Nope, and it´s for the better. It would turn this place even more into a live chat than it already is. I know this from previous forums I´ve been to.

I also feel like we had this discussion before?


The best way I’ve come up with is to click Latest and often the same person shows up on the top few replies. So you know they’re checking in… but agree it’s probably better not to have people know.
Plus if I leave the window logged in all the time on my phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m on, but might still count as “online”.


I don´t think it counts that. It only registers, when you type or click on links or scroll up and down.


I’ve been wondering that too. That’s good then, that makes me look a bit less sad and a bit more hard-working.


Not a word I would ever associate with you.


I haven’t found something with the search. But could be. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I would just like to know if the chances are high to get instantly an answer. Especially in the evening when everybody is going to bed, I had several times the question: Is this very interesting on-topic discussion going on or can I (safely) go to bed? It would be a help to know if there is anybody (still) online.

I’m aware of this problem. :wink:


I think looking at the involved individual´s profiles should be enough for this purpose. If it says “last seen 3 hours ago” the chances are rather slim. Just keep the window open and referesh a couple of times. After a while you can give up.

If it says seen: just now. The chances for a reply are much higher.


I think we all know the answer to that question…



:thinking: Hmmm… I wonder who’s profile page you are referring to?


No one in particular why are you chicken…I mean asking? :fearful:


Calls me chicken


Why would people make gifs you have to complete yourself?!


Because they are adventure game enthusiasts? :thinking:


The way this label keeps getting thrown around I can´t help but think this is actually an euphemism for something really nasty…


In Italian it is for sure …


I would’ve used a not an, cause it’s pronounced YOO-fem-ism

I’m now going to create an excuse to use my favorite meme. I say it to my wife everytime she says “I lost my ring again…”


Didn´t you just write who´s instead of whose above?


I don’t know but I just wrote cause instead of because.