Why does nobody like(d) MI4?

I bet you also invert the camera Y axis, right?

I only played it when it came out and I don’t remember much about it (I also confuse parts of 4 with 3, though I recently replayed 3 again and enjoyed it), but I did finish it and I remember enjoying it… I’ve been meaning to replay it for a while…

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Not on first or third PERSON games. I hate it when games do this. I always end up looking into the sky or on the floor.
Inverted Y axis only needs to be done on flight simulators and similar games (like Descent).

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Yeah, it makes sense for flight simulators because that´s the way it works in real life.

But usually when I move my mouse or analogue stick DOWN I do it because I want to look down and vice versa not the other way around, it gets really confusing. But there are people who seriously can´t play it any other way and think you´re crazy for not inverting the camera.

for me…it wasn’t likeable at all… same as Grim Fandango, not fan of any of those.

I’m probably fine either way because I don’t really recall ever being particularly perturbed by camera controls (in the up, down, left or right sense). If you think of it as a metaphor for a real camera then both axes should be “inverted.”

NB This metaphor applies mainly to the right stick on a controller. With a mouse it might be different.

Something that’s worth taking into account is that we are quite lucky to have gotten MI4 really at all, considering the state of Lucas Arts adventure division after “Grim” at the time.

Like 98’-00’ was the development time, I imagine there was a lot of corperate restructuring around that time to focus more development cost on “Star Wars” property considering Episode 1 coming out in 99’.

“Escape” meant nothing to the business heads who could see those Star Wars “dollar signs” and MI4 sales probably drove that point home.

So I do see it as lucky we got it at all, and as I said above I love it!!

That’s true. I guess that Escape from MI was developed, because its prequel Curse of MI sold very well. I remember that it was hard for me to get accustomed to the visual style of Curse, which I found worse than MI 1 & 2, but after all I enjoyed Curse nonetheless. Curse seemed to have been very popular in general back then - understandably. If Escape had been similarly successful, they may have done even one more sequel, even though they were focused on Star Wars games back then. Therefore, it’s a pity that they didn’t continue the apparently successful concept of Curse.
As I wrote already in these forums, they could release a Remastered version of EMI with mouse control at least, like Double-Fine did this with Grim Fandango. Though, even this seems to be very unlikely, because DF only remastered Tim Schafer’s games up to now and Disney does nothing at all.


That’s the thing that annoys me the most of all, they don’t deserve the rights… sitting on classics


This annoys 99.9% of people… but its not just about people who sits at Disney, its also Lucasfilm fault, they dont push Disney hard enough to make it come true.
Disney has stupid policy to not make any remakes… there are actually lots of super old policies that need an update urgently!

I’m not sure what the internal situation at Lucasfilm and Disney looks like. Seeing that LucasArts is a very small department now, thanks to Disney, I am not sure if there is anybody left at Lucasfilm who really appreciates the Monkey Island IP.
However, they allowed Double-Fine to do their Remasters, whereas we haven’t heard anything in terms of MI. And Ron wrote that Disney is even unwilling to talk to him. It’s very peculiar somehow. Disney either plan on doing something really big with the IP (which is unlikely), or they plan on burying it.

He did? Really? Can you tell me where it was?

I don’t think they are planning either, MI is such small potatoes, it’s just not worth their time. Companies are also worried that they might accidentally sell something that has value and they didn’t know it, so they just don’t sell stuff unless it’s a ton of money.

P.S. Please don’t suggest I do a Kickstarter to raise the money, I’m sick of people suggesting this. 1) Kickstarter doesn’t allow this type of project and 2) Disney would shut it down anyway, 3) Let’s say I raised $1M and Disney says “no”, then what? 4) This would be a shitty business move, tipping my hand too soon with too much information.

Oh… 5) You’d all hate the game anyway, so this is for the best. Let MI be what it was and fondly rest in our memories.


You have a good time long and fantastic vacation on a sunny island?

Also, you would think Steve Purcell was influential enough to do a Sam And Max Pixar movie. Doesn´t happen though, so he must have other reasons.

Probably true. Not everyone can pull it off like George Miller.

(Nothing can stop you to secretly write your own Monkey Island 3a. Just the story, for now.)

(Who knows, in the near future Elon Musk could acquire the whole WD company.)

(Be kind with Mr. Elon :innocent:)

May I ask why you see often things pessimistic? Or am I wrong with this observation? :slight_smile:

Anyway: Be proud of everything you have done in the past!

It’s not being pessimistic, it’s being a realist. What do you want? Me to lie to you? It does seem that’s what people want. I tend to be blunt and tell the truth, and I often get slammed for it. I don’t tell people what they want to hear. The honest truth is there is a < 1% chance I will ever get MI back. I know it’s not what I and others want to hear, but it is the truth.


Mad Max was a shocker. It suprised me. When I heard about a sequal, I was filled with dread.

It surprised everybody. Until then nobody believed that you could deliver something this good or even better into your own very seasoned franchise.