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Why were certain puzzles taken out for Epic Store version


Hi I noticed that certain puzzles are gone from the Epic Store version of thimbleweed park like needing to count things to get into ransoms safe. Why is this?


Hi, can you check which mode you play on? Certain Puzzles are taken out of CASUAL mode. Also I think the puzzle you mention changes a bit from play to play. Sometimes you have to count letters in the Big Top sign, sometimes the number of trophies in Ransome´s Trailer etc. So that changes. If you play on NORMAL mode and Ransome´s Safe instantly opens without you needing ot find a combination, I don´t know what´s going on here, though.


If that’s true, that’d be quite interesting- as another version to find all the differences.
But I assume no.

I did not know that!

I think come March 30th a TWP anniversary replay might be in order.


Definitely! A few puzzles change from play to play like the answers for the radio quiz, what Ransome has to do to find out the number of his safe, the person who have to call from the sewers and a few others think.


So not going to unblur those though… :smile:
There’s still a pile of topics here in the first months of the forum I have finally forgot/never read to enjoy my replay as much as possible (discovering new things or having forgotten things and thinking they’re new).


I was somehow under the impression you were one of those people who had played it several times early on. Maybe a mix up on my part.

Yeah, a replay is in order then! And what better time than the 2nd anniversary? :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I finished it only once.


Well that´ll be an exciting replay after all that time then!


Btw., can anyone here who got the Epic Store version tell me which build numbers it has?


My guess is you chose Casual mode which skips that puzzle.

Options screen shows 1420.955


So it’s based of an older version. Hm.


Hi guys I started playing on hard mode but the passport didn’t appear in Franklin’s room like its supposed to. Is this a bug?


Game-breaking bugs are very unlikely, all known have been fixed.

So my question is:
Whose passport are you expecting in Franklin’s room?


Franklins passport


Why do you think it would be in his room?

Does anyone have something hotel related on them?


What are you trying to do/solve using this passport?


You’re on a right track, but you’re not actually looking for Franklin’s passport, but someone else’s passport. You need to get into this other person’s room.

There shouldn’t be any game-breaking bugs in the game at this point, so I don’t think you have to worry about that :slight_smile: The in-game hint line (4468) can give you some tips in case you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next.


Once in casual and once in normal mode?


No, once once. In hard mode, of course!


really? but… but… why?.. irrelevant as it is I can’t stop thinking about this.