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Windows 10, hotkey does not change with language

Not sure if it has been reported before.

When I start at game with the German language the hotkey for “Give” is the key “Y” (which makes sense on German keyboards as the key “Y” is located in the bottom left of the keyboard, matching the position of the verbs). But when I switch to English the hotkey is still “Y” until I restart the game - and only then it’s “Z” as it is “supposed” to be (where the “Z” key is located on an English keyboard)

The main issue might be that there is a difference whether you started the game in English or you switched to English (from German) when the game is running.

This is an extremely small issue but I guess German speaking people would meet the same issue when starting the game in English and then switching over to German where they have to press the “Z” key located between “T” and “U” to Give something. Until they start the game up again.

Unfortunately, the keymappings are done at boot, so switching languages in the middle of the game won’t change the until next time you start. This was aknown issue at launch, it was too tricky to fix given thetime we had left.


All good. Definitely one of those bugs that should not waste time from more important stuff.

A bit off-topic but it has been a pleasure following the project, especially the aspect of actual production. The overview and ability for highly technical developers to step back and get a realistic overview is very rare. Every time all of you developers and writers have talked about cutting stuff or change the priorities it always made sense. Of course you have actually produced several games spanning several decades. But it is still impressive to see developers spend time on the hard decisions, especially with projects on Kickstarter.

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