Windows Store PC Version not working (different)

Purchased the Windows Store version today while I was at work. It downloaded, installed, and played just fine (except for me leaving work 20 minutes late). Got home, and wanted to continue playing it. Logged in to the Windows Store, it realized that I already owned it, allowed me to download and install it. However, when I go to start it, I don’t get anything past the intro screen which shows the birds flying past. I get the title screen, then “Please Wait”, then an Xbox/Windows 10 window opens and closes, and I’m stuck watching these damned birds flying past… Do I need a rubber chicken with a pulley to get this to work on my home PC? You’ve done the impossible, and have me wanting to go back to work…

Okay, out of frustration, I started banging keys. Space pauses it. F1 brings up “Options”, except “Save” and “Load” are grayed out. Nothing seems to get the game playing.

Did you check this solution:

Yes, rebooting the system made absolutely no difference. That’s why I posted this post. Hence the “different”…

Okay, I’ve noticed that if I use F1 to bring up the “Options” menu, when the original screen window darkens it says “No Current User.” in the bottom left corner… I’m signed in with the Xbox app. It shows Time played, Rooms Visited, Dust Collected, Books Read, but if I select “Game Progress”, I get nothing. Looks like some sort of issue with the game not communicating properly with the Xbox/Windows 10 app… And I’ve signed in and out (and back in again) of the Xbox app without it making any difference.

I’m sure Ron will read this thread and reply to you but if you want to speed things up, my suggestion is to send also a mail to , maybe citing to them this thread.

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Chased my daughter off the Xbox, it’s working there. Picked up right where I left off in the office. Saved, came back to the PC, still nothing beyond the opening screen with the flying birds…

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I’ve bought a Windows Store PC Version yesterday, 16-10, and have the same problem. Nice elevator music, flying birds and “No Current User”. Sadly no Xbox to divert to.
Please post a solution!

Yes, send email to support. I believe this is a problem with not being correctly logged into Xbox. support will be able to give you the exact steps.