Wishes for a Thimbleweed Park successor

That’s intentionally. :slight_smile: I gave the “like” for the link and the idea - it isn’t bad per se as you can see in the picture with the girl. But I don’t like the results of the tutorial and the “3D pixel art in motion”.

But we don’t know what he is doing else. For example we don’t know if he is doing some contract work or having a “real” job …

You can see similar results in the (original) Full Throttle: For example the bike is a “pixelated” 3D model.

You mean the cell-shading technique? But that’s a different beast. :slight_smile:

Not really. :slight_smile: With rotoscoping you “redraw” real people. Each frame is hand-drawn. With a 3D model that’s not the case.

Yeah, with A Scanner Darkly the term somehow has come back and people are using it wrong since that isn´t even real rotoscoping but a digital technique related to it. Lord Of The Rings (1978) and Fire And Ice THAT is rotoscoping.

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Or The Last Express:

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Didn’t you post a video of the actors yesterday or something? >_>

Several month ago. :slight_smile: You should find them somewhere in this forum …

/edit: Ah, here we go:

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Discourse keeps tricking me into reading old topics when I reach the bottom of one.

I mean, I read 'em 'cause I think they’re interesting but it can get confusing.

Well, maybe it’s something different, but it appears very similar to me. However the examples on Wikipedia look great and might be a good choice for a cartoonish adventure game, even in low-res.

After all, a stylized 2D frame is created based on a frame from a 3D scenery. That’s the similarity I meant.

Indeed. But you have to differ between a cartoon style in (high resolution) or a “pixelated” look. (I don’t like the latter one.)

In my opinion, it depends on how you use this tool. I think, in Full Throttle, the motorcycle looks fine, for example.

DotT and Sam & Max were both cartoon and pixelated. And I liked the style.

Dunno. You can see that it won’t fit to the hand drawn elements and that it is a 3D model.

As somebody wrote above already, 3D graphics were in their infancy back then. When I look back at which graphics I liked most in adventure games, MI 1 comes into my mind - no game with 3D graphics. But, I am open-minded for more recent techniques and styles, if the game designers know what they are doing.
In Full Throttle, 3D animations made the motorcycles appear to be more dynamic, as opposed to hand-drawn animation, while the hand-drawn contents might not have looked appealing, if they had been created the same way.

Are there any hints or rumours about a follow-up project by Ron Gilbert?

Currently he´s working on some sort of top down RPG. I just looked if I could find some links about it, but I couldn´t find anything(there´s nothing concrete about it anyway).

In any case it won´t be anything like TwP at all.

About a year ago he posted this on his blog: https://grumpygamer.com/a_little_something

Not sure if that was just a fun prototype, or something he is continuing to develop.

What’s funny is that someone on wikipedia claimed Ron’s next game is called “A Little Something”, when clearly that was just an off the cuff title of the blog entry.


That´d better not give him any ideas he might run with. Remember what happened to the specks of dust or the mansion mansion?

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This is true, there is a history of that. Remember the story of GUY-BRUSH?

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Oh yeah! He keeps saying not to get used to temp stuff. But then like at the end of TwP it becomes part of the plot! :astonished:


I must say I loved the look and feel of the temp art. As much as I like TWP graphics, I wouldn’t mind this style at all in a game from Ron (or someone else who I know will deliver a good story).


Agreed, I´d play a game like this instantly. If it´s cheaper to do, all the better!

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Pretty sure it’s called “Bobo and Fletcher”