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Wishes for a Thimbleweed Park successor


I’d love to see them make a new game within the Maniac Mansion universe, just as Thimbleweed Park was. New setting and new story but set in the same timeline. Has the potential for an entire canon.

Just please don’t sell it to Disney if it becomes successful! :smiley:


Even just the occasional reference to other characters in the universe would make it more fun.
Like when Leonard mentions his cousin Bernard. I wouldn’t consider that an “annoying in-joke” since it just goes by you if you don’t get the reference, but if you do it enhances the experience.


You mean, like cousin Sven?


Isn’t it annoying they called it “annoying in-jokes”? :slight_smile:


Aw, I even find it annoying they call them “in-jokes”… :roll_eyes:


Yep, references to past games are hardly in-jokes. Stuff only common LA/TTB Staff would know. That would be in-jokes.

That may friends, was an annoying nit-pick. :nerd_face:


I know a few people who have played Thimbleweed Park without any knowledge or experience of Maniac Mansion or previous LucasArts games. They said they hardly noticed any in-jokes or references to an “inner circle” of fans. Nothing that wasn’t easy to grasp, anyway.

Too much is made of “annoying in-jokes”. Think it’s a term used by people who secretly want the game to be more exclusive :smiley:


Isn’t the default for the in-jokes option OFF?


They’re (annoyingly) disabled by default. Although there is a bit of a lack of spacing. It seemed like they were compressed into the first half hour or so and then mostly just disappeared.

Or would there be no Edna otherwise? Point still stands regardless. And you could hardly get rid of the kitchen and the library…


Half an hour sounds exaggerated, i.e. too short, but it’s right that you discover a lot of the environment at the beginning, e.g. the town, which has a lot of in-jokes.
Also many people experience Ransome’s flashback rather early and there are a bunch of in-jokes there.

IMHO the spacing of in-jokes is OK, what needed getting used to was the 4th-wall-breaking so early on.


NB I wasn’t saying I was bothered by them, quite the contrary. It’s just that they seemed to taper off after a while, basically after the beginning. Which I guess was closer to 3 hours in reality but felt like half an hour. :wink:

But those aren’t the kind I imagine those who complain must be talking about, unless Ransome was the one doing in-your-face stuff like talking about Sierra games. His spectators are in-jokes you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know them. Same kind of stuff for the hamster.


Aw, come on. :roll_eyes:
This whole “annoying in-jokes” thing is annoying itself.
TWP was designed for US.
We, hardcore hidden fans, who remained silent for years.
We, 40+yo people with a partner, children, a good job, a lot of important things in life (travels, friends, hobbies, family…) and yet we think one of the most important things we have in our life is a stupid computer game we played when we were twelve.
This beeping TWP game with its beeping annying in-jokes is beyond anything we dared to dream all these years. It belongs to us. So, beep off everybody else.


I always maintain the apt name of that option would have been “devs being passive agressive”. But that would probably have awoken false expectations.:upside_down_face:

Now you´re just being offensively exclusive. :smirk:


Depends on which boolean operator you use.

It was intended to be “OR”.


Or why not state-of-the-art XOR logic used by MucasFlemm™


Because THAT’s exclusive! :blush:


Ah, that sounds familiar, I seem to recall seeing an option like that. It’s been a while since I played it. Sounds like a good excuse for another playthrough!


I might disagree on this one (hope we’re still friends lol!)–I already like how the animation and the design was made in Thimbleweed Park. Maybe because I grew up playing Monkey Island 1 and 2 and I would want to keep that “nostalgic” feel that way. Unless! The next adventure games would let players have this “switch” to change from classic retro style to retro 3d? What do you guys think?


Which type of graphics is “retro 3D” from your point of view? Cel Shading?


It can be :+1: – oof that would be tedious, though. Worth the shot.