Yanny or Laurel?

This clip is making the rounds on the internet, so it’s about time for the TWP Forum’s verdict:

Yanny or Laurel? :thinking:

  • Yanny
  • Laurel

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This is weird.
I listened to it ten times, always Yanny.

Then I watched this:

Immediately after watching, it became distinctly “laurel”. No more Yanny.

Now it’s yanny again, and I’m not able to hear “Laurel” even if I want it.

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The equipment you’re hearing the clip through might also affect what you hear.
I can’t hear anything other than “Laurel”.

Even in the second video?

I hear the “Yanny” at the end of the second video. But never in the original.

I tried again: watched the second video, the clip becomes Laurel for some seconds to me. Than it gets back into Yanny.
That’s REALLY weird…

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Hey, this is great!

I noticed I’m very inertial…If I move the slide progressively in one direction, I go on hearing a lot the first sound. as soon as the perception changes, i go back with the slide, but the sound doesn’t change back. Our brain is fool…

EDIT: if I put the slider on the full left (“laurel” side) then I start the sound, I distinctly hear “Yanny”. But if I move the slider right, then left again, it becomes Laurel.

EDIT2: Oh, no. That’s just a bug! :smile:

Ok guys, I won’t sleep tonight.


Yeah, this is weird. I can ONLY hear Laurel, except with the slider tool that alters the frequency filter. This alternate one (thanks, Twitter) is interesting for me, because I hear a different phrase just by ‘thinking’ about it.


This works too!

But, I wonder… both in yanny/laurel and brainstorm/green needle we’ve had a strong suggestion prior listening. What if a person listens to the clips without being conditioned?

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That’s the “goal” of that sample and the “Mondegreen” effect: You hear what you would like to hear. It’s a psychological effect.

That depends on his/her characters and things he/she heard in the past.

I hear something like “Bran Needle”. I can change the Bran to Green if I think about it, but I can’t change the second half to Storm…

I deeply believe in the conditioning of past experiences. But in this specific case, I’m more prone to think that it’s a matter of genetics. Or ear anatomy.
I mean, probably my ear is more sentitive to high pitches. That’s why I hear Yanny, and that’s why I hate acute voices…

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As soon as I move the marker slightly to the right, I can hear Yanny!! :open_mouth: But no matter how hard I try, I can never hear it when the marker is exactly in the centre!!

This is mind-boggling :crazy_face:

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Yes, and it depends on the age: Children can hear some frequencies that adults can’t hear.

That means I’m young inside.


Both with and without headphones, it’s

Then I listened to that video @ema posted and now it is only Laurel!


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I had a look: Young people are able to hear the frequencies up to 20,000 Hz, adults only up to 16,000 or 17,000 Hz.

I’ve tried. I go from 60 to 17,000Hz

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The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s just a hoax. As if they change the link every few minutes. I mean yanny is so bright and not that high pitched, while laurel is much softer and deep-voiced. If they really would play simultaneously, you would still hear that louder Yanny.