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I knew that some Pratchett fan would find a section where Rincewind appears. :wink:


I finished the book now and it is very brief.

It was great fun, but as so often I´m moving to other universes now. Somehow I just can´t manage reading 40 books by the same author in a row anymore.:upside_down_face:


Due to this topic I read Wyrd Sisters and most of Pyramids this weekend, while enjoying a virus which is still with me. It’s a fairly weak virus, but there’s some throat hurting and lack of energy and all that.


Finished the biggest part of The Art of Point + Click Adventure Games (when I first got it, I only looked at the pictures). It could have done with a bit of proofreading and a slightly larger font, but overall I enjoyed it a lot.

One thing it succeeded in was raising some appreciation even for the games I have not and will not play, for one reason or another. There were also a few games I had not heard about before, or perhaps already forgotten, and that was nice too.

If there is something to criticize, it’s perhaps the overabundance of LucasArts related games and interviews in comparison to the rest. My feeling is they take up close to 50% of the book, and while those people and games are clearly amongst my favourites (or else I would not be here in the first place), I thought it gave a bit of a skewed view on the genre as a whole. Related to that is how sparsely “modern” adventure games are covered. I guess there were only so much pages, and it may have made sense to concentrate on the classics more, but it gives the impression that the heydays of the genre are long over, when clearly they are not. That also leaves German developers in the dust: while we have 4 games from Daedalic covered (but not Memoria, and not a single interview) and King Art gets an honourable mention in the beginning, there’s not a word about Deck13 or Studio Fizbin, for example.

Overall, it’s a book well worth buying for any fan of the genre, though. And maybe there’s the chance for a sequel, 20 years from now, to cover the modern “classics” :slight_smile:.

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Finally read Dan Simmons’ Olympos, after initially passing it by due to some review(s) I’d read right after finishing Ilium. It’s not half as bad as the reviewer made it to be. In fact, it’s quite good, if perhaps not bringing the foundation laid out by Ilium to full fruition. (It’s better in that regard than Endymion is compared to Hyperion, though)

But Simmons is certainly a writer who can build and maintain suspense over most of the 950+ pages, making it one of very few books I found hard to put down in recent years. And it’s very imaginative (if not really original, but what is these days?). Recommended!

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Hyperion has been on my all too long too read list for many years.

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Hyperion is definitely the best of the bunch (and Endymion the “worst”).

Incidentally, the “rivers of space” present in the upcoming Heaven’s Vault totally remind me of the river Tethys in the Hyperion Cantos (the concept is a bit different, but I wonder if that’s been a source of inspiration for Inkle nevertheless).

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Now reading: Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

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I´m currently reading a biography about Hitler.



In VGA or EGA?

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In glorious PrintOnPaperVision (POPVision)™ :smiley: