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You mean that it’s more of a collection of loosely connected short stories instead of one coherent novel like later books?

But then I’m not the fan you’re looking for. I’ve read some five or six of the books (the first few and Sourcery), and the Tiffany Achings series.


No, each book is a novel as we all know it. :slight_smile: But in the first books Terry Pratched just re-used some names. And IMHO his first novels are much “darker” than in his later works. (For example there are much more tentacles involved.)

Long story short: Just read all books. They are worth reading them. :slight_smile:


It says in each book, they are standalone stories but if you want to benefit from the world building and all, reading them in order improves the fun.:slightly_smiling_face:


Well no, that part was more of a statement of fact. I was asking if the fact that there are four stories stitched together in The Color of Magic is what you were referring to when saying it’s not as connected as one of the later books. Since those do feature a clear overarching narrative structure.

Btw, Rincewind didn’t feel like a different character to me in the three or four books I’ve read in which he was featured, nor in the Discworld games.


Ah, sorry.

I have to add that I’ve read the books several years ago, but I clearly remember that I was puzzled because of some differences, especially with Rincewind. Sounds like I have to read the first books again. :wink:


The Light Fantastic is definitely the direct sequel to The Color of Magic and both contain the same Rincewind. I felt that in much later books, his character was changed a bit, but perhaps it was just that he no longer got the leading role.

Me too. In fact, were I to re-read the novels right now, I’d likely only read the Witches stuff, and perhaps Pyramids. I’d also have to get the English version of Equal Rites, as that’s one of the few which I only ever read in German. They are so much better in English.


I don’t know, cowardly wizards can also experience character growth? :wink: But since Discworld 2 came out in '96 I guess that’s the most recent Rincewind I know. He seemed pretty Rincewinde-y to me! :laughing:


He doesn´t seem to appear in Mort at all. That is clearly a stand alone story.


Mort belongs to the “Death” stories:

AFAIK Rincewind appears only in books with his storyline.


Sure, but the storylines aren´t indicated, only the Discworld Series as a whole of which Mort is Volume 4.


According to my notes, I read Mort some five years ago. (Whoa, time flies.)



Oh, what a boring cover, I´m so sorry! :open_mouth:


Haha, yeah, the ones from America are definitely something else. I picked up a bunch at Barnes & Noble or something.


My thought as well. It’s not the real thing if the cover isn’t done by Josh Kirby. Took me some pains to find an appropriately old copy of Equal Rites, and I’m still a bit worried it might not be the right one. We’ll see when it arrives.


Couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


I especially like the ASUS touch.


I’m going OT, but it isn’t a nice experience, indeed. It happened to me with a rented car, 3 months ago. It was not a book, but a windshield. It was not a coffee, but a crack in the glass. It was present upon renting, but not marked on the contract.
Well, I don’t wanna make it a matter of money, but… I’d rather preferred to cope with a book! :sweat_smile:


Mine has even glittery lettering! :smiley:


Why not pile on many more layers…


…and you´ll be joining us there :notes: