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Gillian Anderson is on that show, too? Lucky me! :smiley:


Oh I thought you knew :grinning: she sure is. I’m not going to tell you as who (if you don’t know already), as that’ll be a surprise.


Yeah, I want to know as little as possible about the show, before finishing the book. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll keep :zipper_mouth_face:


She is one of the new gods, isn´t she? Is she “awesome TV shows?” :grin:


Nnnnngh :zipper_mouth_face:


She’s Media.
(I won’t spoil anymore)

American Gods was one of my favorite books, and the sequel Anansi Boys.
It was really hard not to be hypercritical of the TV show. Sometimes you have such a clear picture of a character in your head, and the show just doesn’t match your imagination.

I was not a fan of Laura, but thought Wednesday and Easter were great.


Is that a sequel or more a spin off focusing more on Mr. Nancy´s backround?

Funnily Wednesday looks way different than he is described in the book (where he is red haired) but then again he looks also different on my book cover (where he seems to have a bit of a Col Sanders thing going on). Also Shadow clearly has hair in the book.

But at least with some of the actors I can see that they can do a good job with the characters. I can see Peter Stormare as Czernobog. And Ian McShane is also great in spite of his not so nordic looks. I think he also did a voice on Coraline so there´s been an established connection before.


Really? I don’t remember reading that about Wednesday. But speaking of red-heads, I was skeptical at first of Pablo Schreiber playing Mad Sweeney. I mean… couldn’t they just get an actual ginger for the part? But he ended up being great.


Since I got he book right next to me:

His hair was a reddish-gray; his beard, little more than stubble grayish-red. […] A cragggy square face with pale gray eyes.

I also just took a quick glance at the comic adaptation and he has red hair there, too.

I´m reading the 10th year anniversary edition btw. which is quite a bit longer I think.


I’m half way through the Mark Twain’s Yankee at Arthur’s Court I got for my birthday. I’m Enjoying it, and there were many good quotes I could report here, but I didn’t for mere laziness. But there’s one quote I’ll write, just to make some innocent poke to our German friends and their language:

She had exactly the German way; whatever was in her mind to be delivered, whether a mere remark, or a sermon, or a cyclopedia, or the history of a war, she would get it into a single sentence or die. Whenever the literary German dives into a sentence, that is the last you are going to see of him till he emerges on the other side of his Atlantic with his verb in his mouth.


Ordered the big ass complete 10 volume Sandman boxset.

And also this interesting looking collection:


Foreweird by Michael Moorcock.’ :laughing:

Looks good. Spotted a Bradbury in there too.


Yeah lots and lots of essentials. I also like that this is not even eurocentric or even focusing on america only including people like Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Amos Tutuola (and both stories I don´t know yet, luckily). Also many women on there too. So you get lots of famous ones, obscure and the selection of authors is super diverse.


So how much of the book does the first season of the show cover? I am deep into the final third and she only just appeared now.


Have you got to the bit where she’s in the cab yet?


They literally just met and traded a few words prior to the “wake” for Mr Wednesday. I´m at the part where Shadow hangs from the tree. Just after the part where he found out his old cellmate was Loki.


Ah okay. I’m struggling to remember it a bit as it was a year ago. I just remember that bit in the cab but won’t say why.

So you’ve seen the rain scene then? Or is that not yet? Artistically I thought that was incredible.


To clarify: I´m still reading the book. I start with watching the first season next week. :slight_smile:


Ohhhh, silly me :crazy_face: