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That´s news to me! What are the other biblical gods, then?


Sandman #18 is called “A Dream Of A Thousand Cats” which sounds like a combination Neil Gaiman created specifically for @PiecesOfKate.

I just leave this here…


As long as nothing happens to the thousand cats, Neil.

GASSSSSP those are massive cats! :heart_eyes_cat: Of course that’s how it used to be, with huge cats and tiny humans. Why did we not see that? That explains why they’re so determined to take over the world and reclaim their superiority.

And why Fleur used to lick my hand and use it to groom herself.

Edit: why were the humans naked though? The cats could’ve spared some loose fur to cover their special bits.


No idea. The story is just that the cat is angry with the humas because their owners drowned her kittens she had with a stray cat. So she goes to dreamland and asks Morpheus who appears in the form of a black cat for advice. He then tells the story how it used to be the other way around until the humans started to dream, and began to grow bigger than cats and cats got smaller and they enslaved the cats because they could.

So she makes it her mission to reverse the state by walking the earth and trying to convince a thousand cats to dream that they will rule the earth again so that one day it comes true again.

That´s the story.


Oh, that’s really cool :slightly_smiling_face:


I´m really enjoying the whole series a lot. Too bad I went for the expensive Absolute Edition, which would mean I´d have to get three more of those to complete the collection. Or I go for a complete collection that is not as fancy bound and comes cheaper in total. Whatever I´ll probably do that later down the road anway, time for other stuff now.


This is a really good book I recently re-read… “The Songwriting Secrets Of The Beatles” by Dominic Pedler

It helps to know some of the Beatles music, but it’s mainly a great way to learn about music techniques and songwriting in a fun, simple way.
It goes through major techniques one chapter at a time using examples from Beatles songs and it shows which songs they most likely picked each of the techniques up from (they learned their craft mainly from learning and performing tons and tons of covers).


Currently reading this.

I love me some Urban Legends because the stories (no matter if they happened somewhere sometime in any comparable shape or form) always have these ironic or macabre twists to them. This collects 666 stories and variations thereof ranging from the supernatural to the mundane. Good for a fun short in between read here and there.

I also ordered this now:

It´s by the guy who made this website:

I´ve been obsessed with abandoned places since early chilhood exploring construction sites and broken down building with my dad at dusk. Over ten years ago he even held an exhibition of an old factory we got a permit to explore three times. Unfortuntanly I lost all my photos of it after my hard drive crash 3 years ago but his were better anyway.


Thank you. “Abandoned places” is really interesting.


That looks very interesting!


Absolutly loving this quote from the abandoned places page/book:

If you have nothing to say beyond a messy scribble of your name or your group’s name, don’t say anything at all. If you really can’t suppress your instinct to mark your territory, please just wait until you get home and then urinate on your furniture until you get that weird evolutionary misfire out of your system.

:joy: :+1:


I really enjoyed the Magpie Murders. Just finished that by tv writer Anthony Horowitz (he’s written novels, created top British tvs shows all sorts even penned a James Bond) anyway, it is all very meta and it is excellent spin on a traditional murder mystery. I won’t say anymore but if you get it and you don’t enjoy it I will eat my hat (I’ll have to buy one first. Maybe a pirate hat)


It’s only £3.99 on Amazon as well. I took a chance at that price and thought it was one of the best novels I’ve read this year.

Also just read the Disaster Artist about the making of The Room, the worst film ever made. If you haven’t seen that film, the whole film is on youtube. It is truly atrocious it is so badly made looks like it was made on a budget of 20 quid ( Budget of $6,000,000 ! and I can’t see where any of that was spent either ) It is very funny and a very good, quick read.



I took a break from reading The Innovators to read a lighter music bio someone sent me (probably half of my books are rock biographies).

I just got to the part where this guy is introduced:

:baby: :slight_smile:


Why does he look so proud in his mugshot?


He sounds like a bit of a trouble-maker.
I think maybe his better half, Melinda Gates, has been a good influence and he’s more of a philanthropist now.


Tomorrow we’re going to Deventer!


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken @Sushi

I saw this in Deventer.


At the moment I´m reading Good Omens, in preperation for the Amazon adaptation and also because I´ve meanining to for the past 10 years.

It´s funny and I ask myself if Kevin Smith read it, because it reminds me a whole lot of Dogma.


Another interesting thing I found in this book that was published the same year as Monkey Island came out is the hilariously extensive use of the trademark symbol, funnily enough the first instance on the word X-wing™.


I finished Good Omens. Was very enjoyable. Looking forward to the amazon series! Next I start with American Gods, after which I start that amazon series, too.