All about bricks

If you have an HDR capable device, turn on HDR in the settings. The game’s pretty good looking in SDR, but in HDR it’s stunning.

Did they fix the issue yet where it recompiles the shaders for like half an hour every startup? x.x

My Asus VG248QE is too old for that, unfortunately. But much too young for a replacement :slight_smile:.

Hm … yesterday I felt that it took particularly long to load initially, something I never really noticed before. I chalked it up to a new version of Wine or DXVK. Or do you mean it does that in the background while already up and running? In which case I probably wouldn’t even notice, used to playing at sub 30 FPS as I once was.

Both. When I played it I started the game some 10-15 minutes before I intended to play it, then I’d go to the bathroom, wash the dishes, etc. and then it’d (hopefully) have finished everything by the time I returned.

You can press play at any time but then you face extremely significant framedrops during play.

ymmv with a stronger CPU or GPU or something I suppose

It’s really weird too. The PC port is quite well done but then it also has such a whopper. Hopefully the Forbidden West port will be better, or alternatively perhaps I’ll have upgraded my CPU+mb+RAM by then.

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Eiffel Tower anyone? Note the dimensions: “H: 59” (149cm)" …


Besides the size I also note the price. :wink:

But it’s not the most expensive set. :wink: For the Titanic you have to pay 50 bucks more for example:

A quick search gave me this.



Reminds me of this Weekend Update: The Iceberg on the Sinking of the Titanic - SNL - YouTube


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The cost per brick ratio is probably not even that bad. But unless you have an apartment to match, it seems a bit unwieldy.

Even in the rather spacious sample setting, it looks a bit out of place, IMO:


I’m sure it’s not, but that feels a bit like saying a € 5k ebike has a pretty decent price compared to a car when my € 500 bike suits me just fine. :smiley:

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I thought those dice might do this!

It always surprises me how well it’s possible to read/guess Dutch words with knowledge of German and English!

This is a really great looking set. I don’t know this IP at all but according to a quick image search it also resembles the original quite well.

I like that painting. I have a version of it from The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman) hanging on a wall called: Mrowwy Night.

You can also get another version as puzzle from him:


I think those are especially made for people who can do puzzles for hours on… also I don’t think they look that great, but I do like the Van Gogh set!

I’ve seen this set before: 10280 Flower Bouquet (2021)

It’s interesting to see where all the parts come from e.g.:

engine bonnets as petals

steering wheels to hold them together.

surfboards as leaves

And the best: Pteranodon wings as leaves (dual molds):


:laughing: Cute!

The costume is only missing one thing: He should have eaten some candy which colours the tongue blue! It would have been especially noticeable in the singing bit.

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English is just Dutch polluted with too much French. :wink:

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Not to mention pink frogs as flowers…

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In the real model you have to look twice to recognize that the blossoms are actually frogs. :smiley:

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They are quite different to each other and interesting + complex building techniques were used, wow!

Using pink frogs was certainly an interesting idea!

Frogs are a recurring theme in this series…

Part 52 (a rock) was also used in interesting ways.
Originally it came in chrome and metallic colours, then transparent variations.

In Lego Friends sets it was often used in Yellow in such a way:

Or in Trans-Neon Green in this Mixels set:


Hey, me too!
(Same set, not same wife)


Birthday gift for my father (he completed it in 5 days):

And please notice the hit-hat:

What surprises me is that it actually exists a “pistol” lego piece