Anything Ghostbusters related

How about this one?


Nah, the problem with the movie is that only evil ghostbusters kill ghosts. That’s in the cartoon. One of those early good eps you’re going to watch. :wink:

Killing ghosts doesn’t’ directly kill them, of course. It leads to merging with fellow unguided ectoplasm into a much more powerful entity. Let’s just call it the setup for Ghostbusters II.

So just don’t watch it. :smiley:

Oh I think I remember that!

I wonder what influenced what in terms of the show and the second movie. Because Winston doesn´t have a moustache in the show and then in the second movie he doesn´t have one(so they took that from the show or Ernie Hudson just didn´t want to wear a moustache anymore?. Also Jeanine´s hair and glasses change drastically in both the show and the second movie. So I wonder where that came from. And yes I know the story that they gave Jeanine round glasses instead of spikey ones in later episodes of the show because the producers thought the edgy spikey glasses were scary to children. :roll_eyes:

Incidentally, I bought the Ghostbusters '09 (?) video game a few years back and got stuck fairly early in the game. It’s a continuation on the comics, but with the original stars voice acting…


Also also,

Did they share any writers?

Yeah the demo for that game was one of the first things I played on the PS3. It seemed real good, but somehow I never got around to pick up the full version. But even the demo seemed a bit hard and cryptic at times, like it seemed you had to do something in a very specific way otherwise you kept failing.

Yeah, that is why I even know of the NES port of the first game.

No, the movies were conceived by Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd and Ivan Reitman while the headwriter for the show was drum roll J. Michael Straczynski.

Hey look! It’s actually David Crane! Mr. Pitfall! Mr. LCP!
One of my heroes from a time when game credits were so short you could actually memorise them.

An underground river of slime?


Guys take off your overalls, fast!

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I couldn’t watch Ally McBeal without constantly thinking “I should watch Ghostbusters 2 again”.

I saw the first movie probably 10 times, while the second… twice… and the reboot once.

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Also, I couldn’t watch Friends without thinking “I should play Pitfall! again.”

Not really. But the Ally McBeal thing is legit.

I know just what you mean…




20+times, twice, half time. Much steeper curve.

Dan Akroyd is bonkers.

At the moment I’m not sure what to think about a Ghostbusters 3 movie. It would be nice to see them again, but it wouldn’t be the same without Harold Ramis…

As Mike argues in the RLM review other than Indiana Jones it doesn´t depend on the youth of the actors. The older they are the funnier it yould be actually.

But for me the idea also died with Harold Ramis.

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Turns out all this other stuff keeps coming up, so I might not be (re)watching it anytime soon. But it´s good to have for emergencies (though with it being Netflix I probably shouldn´t postpone too much).