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Big Thimbleweed Park Anniversary Celebrations!


Thimbleweed Park sold 13,000 physical copies on Nintendo Switch!


If Ron and Gary get, i.e. e.g. for example, 70% of the price, that’s really good!


I don’t think that is true for the physical copies. (They will get much less).


In case anyone’s waiting for the t-shirt, here’s an update I got from customer services :slight_smile:

My apologies for the delay, we are waiting to receive these shirts in our warehouse. We anticipate receiving them early-mid May. Once your order ships, your order will be fulfilled and you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information shortly after.


Got a special delivery-a-reno todayyyyyy :smile:

The balloon animal is a sticker. Can be used with any object! (Results may vary.)

Inside the shirt you can find a Thimbleweed Park sign, complete with bullet hole.


Honduras? :thinking:


What’s suspicious?


Nothing, just curios why just that.


Cheap manufacturer.



Awesome shirt, BTW. Didn’t notice that before.


Better work conditions than Bangladesh sweatshops, pbly…?
Never mind. And don’t google it unless you like to get depressed. :frowning:


Timble dry low :joy:


Something, Maybe


Wwhhat? Sometimes, maybe? :open_mouth:



Deus Ex Mach Wash Cold :joy:


It’s almost as crammed with jokes and hints as the MM poster and Zak’s newspaper!


Is there anything planned for the second anniversary?


A bunch of *beeping* *beep* *beep*.


I’m planning a second playthrough.


We are planning a dubbing release void.