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C64 mini discussion


It was just too good a setup, I couldn´t resist.


High-Definition Monkey Island??? :astonished:
Ok, I need to go to bed now :sweat_smile:


That’s what SHE said




That’s nice! I still remember continously moving the cable (mostly during Monkey Island opening) between my Amiga and the TV to hear both audio channels (or the number it had) when one suddenly fell silent.


If so, I don’t want it. I want my daughter to suffer like I did. It was zen, taught us patience.


Apparently, if you load a game through the Basic interface, you also get the slow loading times!
Be prepared to see your daughter run off to grab an iPad or something while daddy’s old toy is still loading. :smile:
Which makes me wonder why they don’t emulate cassette loading times? And the load error/head adjustment process?


Well… I was both excited for the gift and for the easiness to load as many games as I want without having a physical 1541 drive, you can also save/load games with an internal system (it actually dumps the whole C64 memory to a file).

I should add some new hardware to my old glorious C64, in order to use it nowadays, like those I’ve seen in Cervignano del Friuli.

With this C64mini you have an HDMI cable to connect to the TV, 2 USB ports to connect a physical keyboard, a USB pen with the games, one or two joysticks… I said 2 USB ports? That’s why I’ve connected a USB hub with four ports (and it works perfectly!)

There’s an integrated FastLoad, to load games quickly, but you can disable it (and for Zak and MM it’s required to).


When I was a child I wanted to load a game called “ultimo baluardo” (last fortress - actually called Galax-i Birds, but we had lots of semi-legal bootleg cassettes in Italy) but the screw wasn’t correctly aligned so the C64 wrote FOUND “ULTIMO BA$#ARDO” (last ba$#ard, practically) and my friend and I had a great laugh out of it.


Oh, by the way, the long loading times are the reason why I avoided playing C64 on my RetroPie.

You can speed them up using the “warp mode”, but it doesn’t disable itself automatically after loading, so sometimes you skip the intro. Strange enough, it DOES disable itself on the PC.


That´s a thing I even noticed on the Vice Emulator. You have the same loading times but what you don´t get is that beautful buzzing noise of the floppy!


Can’t you activate the noises in current Vice releases? Or was that (only) WinUAE…? :thinking:


I don´t know that you can. Still that wouldn´t really sound the same, would it?


Yep: The best thing is the real hardware. :slight_smile:


btw: I just found out that there is a Floppotron out there:


I tried it with Vice and the bleeps and bloops are fun, but as he said…

It would be interesting if someone made a NES mini where it simulates a failure to load or shows jumbled pixels about 30% of the time. That would teach kids about having to reseat the cartridge after blowing off the dust and make them appreciate a clean opening screen a little bit.


You just reminded me that I used to have nightmares about this. I was somehow terrified by loading errors, I remember once the C64 froze on a messed-up loading screen making a loud buzzing sound, and I got so scared that for a long time I turned the volume of the TV all the way down and waited outside of the room for the game to load. It might sound stupid now, but I got really scarred by this.

And so, I had recurring nightmares about TVs and games freezing with annoying sounds and I unplugged the game but it stayed there and I also unplugged the TV but it was still on, frozen and I couldn’t mute it.




There are several modern drives and cartridges for the C64 using SD cards or USB drives for file storage. No need for a laggy emulator to have that.



Do you happen know a good modern power brick for the C64?
The original ones are scary… (Halloween is over, no need to frighten small children!)