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C64 mini discussion


This crash sound from the Windows 95 sometimes appeared in my nightmares. I didn’t really like the noise the monitor made when you switched it on either. (I can’t even describe it, it was so weird.)

And speaking of loud buzzing sounds… Furbies. When they run out of battery. I hated it.



Do you had one?


No, more like a…

* searches YouTube for “old computer windows 95 startup” *

…nope, I’ll never find it. It wasn’t the noise of pressing the plastic, it was an low and eerie sound that the monitor made when the light came on.

I had four! (They’re still in the loft somewhere) :relaxed:

I remember one time, two Furbies were communicating with each other via infrared and the one that was running out of battery started making funny garbled sounds when it was talking. The other Furby responded partly with similar garbled sounds, even though its batteries were fine. Then the first one made some more garbled noises and then beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep :fearful: until its batteries were replaced.

Oops, I went on a tangent there!


Is that the one that was written by this guy?


Brian a-rEno!


Uncle Brian!

(Eno = Uncle)


In Finnish?



Yes. I’m Arto-eno to my sister’s kids :joy:


I know, I’ve seen that in Cervignano del Friuli and I have been surprised.


How can a foot shaped power brick be scary?? :fearful:

Anyway I’m sorry, I don’t know.


You answered your own question.


Now put the C64 Mini next to it for comparison, or put it under the “foot” if you dare!


Windows 95 introduced some irritating sounds.

Also someone thought this is a good sound for notification of new messages (press 0 repeatedly to simulate conversations with multiple people).


This sound is my 00nds trauma! Grnaarrgh…


I suppose the guy who invented MSN Messenger’s “nudge” feature has a special place in Hell.


What’s this, Teletubby Messenger? :joy:


No, ICQ! The daddy of them all! And the only one I ever had. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, we all used that in the early 00nds.


Oh yes, I remember that era. It was back when everyone used to sit at home in front of his PC anyway throughout his spare time - downloading some games, movies or songs. :nerd_face:
MP3 and DivX were very fashionable words back then.
How time goes by…