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Chapter 4 - Have I found a dead end?


I haven’t played any of the Monkey Island games yet.

When I first entered the forest I tried a few paths at random before I happened to notice that the Navigator’s Head was spinning in my inventory, so I thought “of course I should use the Navigator’s Head to navigate, duh”.

Exiting and entering the forest again, I followed the Head’s pointers and found this secret site thing. I left the forest and tried the same method again from the beginning, and this time ended up at the Thimbleberry bush. I can’t tell you what path I took each time. I figured that the Head must lead to the bush but I made a wrong turning on the first attempt.

I have resumed the game with no problems. It’s good to know I don’t have to restart.


I can understand this will lead to confusion since the head itself and also the Easter egg are direct references to MI1. There aren’t any hints to solve this Easter egg because it’s meant for people having played MI1.

But when people accidentally enter the forest with a person carrying the head plus it being visible in the inventory it for sure will trick them into believing this is an actual puzzle chain.

When following the head you always come by this bush. In fact, you just have to wander around in the forest to find one such bush.


I tried to use it as in MI, which doesn’t work in TWP. So despite my previous experience, it took some time before noticing it was turning in the inventory list…

Anyway, I think a “navigator” head was pretty clear as to it’s use. Unlike Jojo the monkey… lol. And even that might be argued to be rather a word pun rather than moon logic. @DZ-Jay why you would want to watch a youtube walkthrough rather than playing yourself what are generally accepted as ranking amongst the two best adventure games ever, now that is moon logic to me! :smile:

Now in the context of TWP, the whole navigator head doesn’t matter at all; it’s all easter eggs, and perhaps (?) even removed as “annoying in-jokes”


At the risk of falling for the trap: it’s Zak McKracken!!!
If it was intentionally misspelled, though :zipper_mouth_face:



I closed both my eyes on him


As people usually do.


I didn’t get the joke.
Could you repeat it?


Sure I can even tell the whole joke!