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Characters & Their Names


Hey! I’m British & Even we don’t eat BISCUITS with cutlery. :wink:


I don’t know where chuck came from? Probably original MM, but he’s in everything. Must have been an actual plant at the studio or something…


Excuse me. Seems I am out of petrol now. Think I have to put on my trainers and take the lift to the ground floor of the flat to stand in queue in high street in front of the phone box because the time table says it´s getting late since autmn is neigh.


No, far from it. Thanks for the clarification Ron. I knew it was something to do with the Guybrush artwork, I remember an interview but my brain is fuzzy.


Another thing I found interesting were the family names and the names of the MM characters of course there IS a link they have the same house.

Doug might be a simple joke but he makes me crack up every time I see him. The fact that he seems to be Scottish also amuses me for some reason.

I know this isn’t name related, but when Delores’s sister Lenore does the flashback, Billy Idol is on the wall of Delores’s bedroom. Lenore says it was a ‘few’ years ago. Well as I understand it a few is say 3 years which would make perfect sense as that poster is from the height of BI’s success in America which for my money pins that flashback to 1984.

The Chuck kid as well! Little Chuckie. In the library, Lenore’s boy.
To paraphrase Delores (as I can’t remember the specific line) ‘Oh Chuckie he’s a good plant we’ve had him in the family for years’,

though I did put the radioactive stuff on the one in the shop I didn’t try to with the one in the library?

Ransome the clown is an interesting one. Ironic that his joke book is kept until HE pays the ransom from Carney Joe.


Very convincing, but you turned into a horse at the end there :racehorse:


Kate knows that´s not the first time that is happening to me(she even responded with that very emoji). Suits me right for trying to use some fancy language. :man_facepalming:


Well, making mistakes is how you learn and remember new words :smiley:

nigh = near
neigh = horse noise

The official language thread

I know that. Knowing that doesn´t keep typos from happening. That is not how my brain works.


Maybe your brain is automatically trying to make witty jokes with any similar words it can find, whether you’re actually trying to make a joke or not.


It´s a blessing…or a curse. Depending on what your personal takeaway is from that. :man_shrugging:


any chance you could share here that part of the story that was dropped? :slight_smile:


Yes, TWP is full of those “in-game jokes” and references. :slight_smile:

AFAIR that don’t work. You can only use it with the man eating plant.


There is a full explanation on the origin of Chuck (the plant) in the podcasts. And in their transcripts (coming soon).


Brilliant Sushi! Thank you :sunny:


No, that’s not boring! That’s relieving and satisfying.
I mean…When you say something, you really mean it. So when you wrote somewhere “everything is there for a specific purpose, it all makes sense”… Well, I told myself: “Ok, so there’s a deep reason for those names… mumble mumble… mumble… mum- Ok, stop it. You’ll never figure out. Now turn off your computer and live your life”.

Thank you for your explanation. I know a bunch of geeks who won’t believe you and will continue their quest for The Secret of The Agent Names™




Uhm… there are screen-savers which pop out every x minutes you DON’T use your computer.
Let’s make something more useful. A life-saver, which pops out every x minutes you DO use your computer. Just add some wings to that picture.
Well, it could cost us a lawsuit, but… it seems normal for pioneers.


Just go oldschool and every couple of hours go make a nice cup of tea!
Take a 15-20 minute break. I disable screensavers. If I don’t use my computer for 20 minutes or so, unless I am on the blower I just turn them off.


On the what now?